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Which type of factory light panels are good to choose?

Lighting panels for factories is the most widely applied measure recently. To help organizations save costs for their works. Despite their popularity, however, there are still questions regarding how they work and what are the best products available today. Therefore, below, we will answer all your concerns about this product. Let’s follow together.

Why should we use light panels for factories?

Light roofing is a breakthrough product with many outstanding advantages. For many current factory projects. Some of the reasons that this type of product is so widely used is because:

  • Energy saving for building owners: Light-emitting plastic panels have the ability to penetrate more than 90% of light. Therefore, it can save a lot of electricity every year for factories. Especially factories that need natural light such as: Food processing factories, agricultural factories,…
  • Extremely effective against heat: The product is made of virgin plastic. Combined with some other additives, it can resist heat up to more than 80%.
  • Optimal fire resistance: This is a product made of 100% insulating material. Therefore, minimizing the possibility of fire and explosion for factories. It is for this reason that factories can be built even in places where there is a grid connection.

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  • Extremely good sound insulation: The sound insulation of these products can be up to 60dB every time it rains. Therefore, the space in the factory is always guaranteed not to be too noisy.
  • Longevity and durability: Products have a lifespan of up to several decades. Thanks to that, maintenance and repair costs are also saved to the maximum.
  • Improve worker productivity: When everything from light, sound, temperature,… is good, it means that the working conditions of employees are good. workers are guaranteed. From there, their labor productivity will also increase a lot.
  • Maximum cost savings for businesses: Expenses such as electricity, maintenance, repair, cleaning,… are all minimized when using the product. this. Therefore, businesses will reduce a large amount of costs for their production and business processes.

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The best light panels for factories today

Currently, on the market, there are two types of roofing sheets for the best factory light: polycarbonate sheets and composite panels. Let’s learn about these two products together.

Effective roofing sheets for Polycarbonate factories

This is a product made from mainly flexible polymer primary plastic material along with some other additive materials. This product is widely applied in many projects, especially craft factories.

Some characteristics of Polycarbonate roofing sheets

  • The ability to get light up to 93%.
  • Sound insulation up to 60dB.
  • Good insulation, electrical insulation and fire resistance.
  • Restricts over 90% of UV rays.
  • The strength is 250 times stronger than tempered glass.
  • Weight as of glass.
  • Variety of colors: white, blue, milky white,…

Composite factory light roofing sheet

Composite roofing is one of the most commonly used products for factories and businesses. This product has the main component of carbon fiber and glass fiber composite in addition to a few other additives. Products are not only applied in industrial works. It is also used in some common civil works.

Some characteristics of composite panels

  • About 85% light exposure.
  • Good bearing capacity.
  • Up to 89% UV protection.
  • Heat resistant from -30 to 120 degrees Celsius.
  • Can be cut and shaped easily.
  • Effectively self-cleaning.
  • Color and shape suitable for many buildings.

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Where to buy factory light panels?

Currently, on the Vietnamese market, there are many addresses providing roofing products for factories. One of the prestigious addresses that you cannot ignore. If you want to own the best quality products, it is Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM). This is the address to ensure genuine products corrugated plastic tiles with guaranteed product quality. Affordable prices and extremely dedicated installation and repair services. Be the smartest consumer and choose a reliable unit for yourself.


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