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What destiny is the blue plastic corrugated iron roof suitable for?

The ancients often had the saying “Settle in and live happily”, so the problem of building and building a house is always classified as an important issue for each person. Before choosing the direction of the house and building architecture, the corrugated iron roof is also an equally important part. Because it not only affects the aesthetics but also the feng shui of the owner. Homeowners are looking to buy green plastic corrugated iron but don’t know if it’s suitable for you? Let’s find out everything with GREEN BM in the article below!

Blue corrugated iron

With blue color, it feels light and cool. Blue plastic corrugated iron has become the choice of many families and contractors of large projects. Currently, in the market to better serve the needs of customers, there are all kinds of models, sizes, optional.

giá tôn nhựa xanh

Blue meaning 

Blue is the color that symbolizes the sea and sky, bringing a feeling of freshness, lightness and energy. At the same time, it also symbolizes hope, faith, development.

What is the destiny of green plastic corrugated iron?

According to feng shui, the people of the Fire par will engrave with blue plastic roofing, on the contrary, the Thuy par will be very suitable. When people destined for Thuy use blue plastic corrugated iron roofs, they will be lucky to have even more luck. Moreover, it also develops both in wealth and health, and life becomes smooth. Therefore, people with the destiny of Thuy when choosing blue plastic roofing sheets are completely appropriate and correct.

Green plastic corrugated iron roof

At GREEN BM green plastic corrugated iron roofs are also divided into different types with different characteristics, properties, and prices. The corrugated iron roof brings a sense of lightness and courtesy to your home. If you are a Water person, do not ignore this choice.

Green plastic roofing sheet

The selection of green plastic roofing sheets has many different types. At the same time, not only with the effect of making your home aesthetically pleasing, but also heat-resistant and insulated. And also withstand harsh climates.

Why should you buy green plastic corrugated iron?

As mentioned above, green corrugated iron is not only for aesthetics. It is also about wealth and luck for the owner. At the same time, on hot days, inclement weather, green plastic corrugated iron will help protect your home from UV rays and harmful things.

But it depends on the nature of each type of corrugated iron. Which will have its own outstanding benefits and features such as:

11-wave asa/pvc green plastic corrugated iron works against UV rays that are harmful to the health of people and pets. At the same time, it also helps to resist chemicals to create a durable foundation for corrugated iron. Has extremely good heat insulation, soundproofing, fire resistance and bearing capacity, while increasing durability, increased heat resistance and good noise resistance.

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5-layer PVC/ASA plastic sheet is resistant to acids, sea salt, Co2 gas falling from blast furnace chimney.

In short, PVC/ASA corrugated iron is a high-grade roofing sheet that can withstand the corrosion of chemical reactions caused by livestock wastes. This is considered the first choice of customers for large and small projects.

Price quotation for green plastic sheet

The price of green plastic corrugated iron is updated depending on the size, model, and nature of each type. The price of green plastic roofing sheets, cheap plastic corrugated iron is also updated at

Where to buy green plastic corrugated iron?

On the market today, there are many businesses trading in quality and reputable plastic corrugated iron products. In which, GREEN BM is the leading enterprise that always brings prestige, transparency and loyalty to partners and customers. Coming to GREEN BM, you will be free to choose the model and size suitable for your home.

If you still have questions, hesitate to choose, don’t forget to contact us directly for dedicated advice.


Tel is an almost indispensable material for large and small constructions. And green plastic corrugated iron is even more indispensable for homeowners with a Thuy destiny, it brings both fortune, luck and development to the owner. We hope that the information shared above has partly answered your questions. Don’t forget to contact GREEN BM for advice and choose to buy high quality corrugated iron.

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