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What are the popular types of plastic corrugated iron today?

What are the most popular types of plastic corrugated iron today including the names you already know? This product is currently being sold a lot in the market with all kinds of different products. Not everyone knows how to choose the most suitable product for their project. In this article, we will list the most common types of light corrugated iron. From there, you can make your choice easier. Please continue to follow the article below.

Common types of plastic corrugated iron classified by material structure

The material of each type of corrugated iron greatly affects the characteristics and quality of the corrugated iron. On the market today, there are two very famous types of corrugated iron, which are polycarbonate and composite plastic.

Plastic corrugated iron

This type of corrugated iron is manufactured from thermoplastic polymer combined with materials made from carbonate. Thanks to that, they have a transparent structure so they can make full use of natural light sources. With each type of poly plastic sheet will have different advantages. Therefore, choose the iron based on the purpose of use.

tôn nhựa lấy sáng

corrugated poly plastic sheet

Products are designed in the form of 5,6,7,9,11 round or square waves. At the same time, it has a very thin thickness so the weight is quite light. This helps facilitate transportation and installation for the building owner.

This product has many outstanding advantages as well as high aesthetics, so it is very popular. This product has the characteristics of heat resistance, strength, noise resistance and extremely good durability. They are often used in both industrial and civil works.

In particular, they are many times lighter than glass, so they are suitable for modern buildings. Low cost is also a factor that helps this product to be chosen by many customers.

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Hollow poly transparent transparent plastic sheet

This product is designed with 2 flat layers above and in the middle separated by 1 space. Therefore, the weight of the product is extremely light and the light penetration is up to 98%. From there, homeowners can take advantage of up to 98% of natural light sources to save electrical energy without worrying about being affected by UV rays.

The product also has characteristics such as: good heat resistance, high strength, noise resistance up to 60dB and UV resistance up to 92%.

Plastic transparent corrugated iron sheet

This is a product consisting of several layers stacked on top of each other. Therefore, their bearing capacity is much higher than that of hollow poly corrugated iron. However, this product has a slightly lower light capacity than hollow corrugated iron, but not significantly.

Solid corrugated iron has better bearing capacity, heat resistance, and noise resistance than hollow corrugated iron. Therefore, customers can depend on their intended use to choose the most suitable product.

Composite popular light-weight plastic corrugated iron

The product has the same popularity as poly corrugated iron. But this is a product created by a combination of polyester resin with composite glass fibers. It is this combination that makes the product very sturdy.

This product is divided into two types, waveform and planar. Basically both products have similar characteristics but the flat form will be more aesthetically pleasing. Both products are quite cheap, so they are used in many projects.

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Common types of plastic corrugated iron by brand

Here are some of the most popular brands of corrugated iron

Green BM corrugated iron

This is a famous brand with the lines < span style="color: #ff0000;">light plastic sheet cheapest price and best quality. In addition, this unit also provides high-class construction materials in Ho Chi Minh City. With its rich experience, the unit will surely bring the most suitable products for your project.

Lighting up Solarflat

This brand specializes in poly corrugated iron. The products are completely made in Vietnam. The products here are considered to be quite good quality and suitable for the price. With a warranty period of up to 10 years, you can rest assured when choosing this unit.

Glorify Twinlite

This is a brand specializing in providing hollow poly corrugated iron products. With affordable prices and impressive product quality, this unit has created a sustainable reputation in the market.


Above is all the most general information about the types of plastic corrugated iron. Hope you have made the right choice for yourself.

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