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Using fiberglass corrugated iron for construction

Using fiberglass corrugated iron for construction is one of the leading trends in recent years. This type of corrugated iron has a special structure with outstanding advantages such as: good bearing capacity, waterproof, extremely good light penetration. Although quite popular in recent years, there are still customers who still do not have much knowledge about this type of corrugated iron. Follow the article below to get the most general knowledge about fiberglass corrugated iron in construction.

What is fiberglass corrugated iron?

Glass fiber corrugated iron (glass light corrugated iron) is one of the types of corrugated iron produced from the main material – composite resin, combined with glass fibers and some other additives. This product is manufactured with a European standard technology line with a mold press that puts direct pressure on the product. Therefore, these products usually have very high toughness and very good light penetration ability.

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Fiberglass corrugated iron is a product inspired by the diversification of uses of composite resins to solve economic problems. It is very good that a product has full features such as light penetration, heat resistance, bearing capacity, etc.


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Specifications of fiberglass corrugated iron

  • Square corrugated iron : 5 waves measuring 1.08m wide – 6 waves measuring 1.08m wide -7 waves measuring 1.05m wide – 9 waves measuring 1.08m wide – 11 waves measuring 1.08m wide,. ..
  • Thickness: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.2mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm
  • Color: opaque white, clear white, light blue, dark blue, green.
  • Length: 2m, 2.4m, 3m. (Can be cut according to customer requirements)

Advantages of fiberglass corrugated iron

This type of corrugated iron has been used by many people recently because of the advantages it brings. All the advantages below are converged in one product. Let’s take a look at these advantages.

  • Very good weather resistance, even for very long periods.
  • Product durability and service life can be up to several decades.
  • Modern technology according to European standards so the surface layer is not separated. Therefore, the product is very resistant to aging and breakage.
  • High oxidation resistance should limit the possibility of corrosion causing leaks and seepage.
  • Light penetration is up to 92%, thereby taking advantage of natural light sources and saving electrical energy for homeowners.
  • Good heat resistance so the air inside is always more stable and comfortable than outside.
  • Can be completely waterproof and leakproof if installed correctly.
  • The ability to self-clean and resist dust is extremely good, minimizing maintenance costs for building owners.
  • The weight is many times lighter than the glass, so it is convenient for transportation and installation.
  • Easy to shape and cut to fit each design.
  • Colors are diverse and rich, so you can choose depending on feng shui or the design of the house.
  • The price is extremely affordable, so it is suitable for many customers.

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Application of glass plastic sheet

Glass corrugated iron is widely used in industrial and civil works. People often corrugated glass fiber plastic for construction of specific projects such as:

  • Lighting up agricultural greenhouses, helping to take advantage of natural light sources to grow plants. Thereby bringing high productivity and minimizing electricity costs for homeowners.
  • Light up industrial buildings such as factories and warehouses.
  • Light up the kitchen areas to take advantage of natural light.
  • Cattle and poultry farming works can also use this material.
  • Cover the porch, cover the skylight, cover the garage,…
  • Make a roof for a stadium, a roof for a swimming pool,…

Notes when choosing fiberglass corrugated iron

On the market, there are many units providing this product such as Green BM light plastic sheeting, however, you also need to master the following knowledge to Get yourself the best products.

  • It is recommended to choose the most suitable glass-reinforced plastic sheet for the purpose of use.
  • Choose glass-encrusted corrugated iron in accordance with the project owner’s budget.
  • Choose reputable and quality plastic sheet metal suppliers.
  • Using a team of experienced and technically correct construction workers.


Above is the most general information about fiberglass corrugated iron. This information is intended to give readers a certain understanding of this type of corrugated iron. We hope that you can choose the type of corrugated iron that is most suitable for your project.

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