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Transparent Plastic Roofing Sheets – Popular effective roofing solution on the market

Transparent plastic roofing sheet is a product line that is applied in many fields from civil houses, greenhouses, skylights, making plastic roofs to light up the platform… and many other projects with the purpose of getting the best light. So what are the advantages of transparent plastic sheets? In order to help customers have an overview of the types of transparent plastic roofing sheets suitable for each purpose and use. Green Plastic Tile would like to introduce to customers about the best transparent plastic roofing sheets on the market that are used and recommended by many people.

What is clear plastic roofing?

Transparent plastic sheet, also known as polycarbonate light plastic sheet, is made up of polymers and carbon compounds as the main components. This is a white and transparent plastic sheet.

The carbon base of the transparent roofing sheet has stable rigidity, combined with the sustainable polymer base, the product has outstanding durability compared to other roofing products. usually, common, normal. Transparent plastic roofing sheet has high strength, light weight, effective insulation, easy to transport and install, so it is suitable for many applications.

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Advantages of transparent roofing sheets

  • Light shingles are able to capture up to 95% of sunlight thanks to their transparent design. Widely used in factories and workshops. Besides, transparent plastic sheet has high UV blocking ability, protecting health from carcinogenic agents. Roofing plastic sheets for reasonable lighting in production rooms and workplaces in factories help reduce the risk of eye diseases, ensure occupational safety for workers, thereby improving productivity. work and reduce occupational accidents.
  • Transparent poly plastic sheet has good sound and heat insulation function, as well as maintaining a stable internal temperature. All kinds of plastic roofing sheets are sturdy and durable materials, able to withstand and withstand all impacts of external factors such as weather, rainstorms, etc. to protect safety. for user. Transparent plastic roofing sheet is 6 times more durable than tempered glass. The service life of plastic panels is up to 20 years, so it is advisable to choose to install permanent and long-term projects.
  • With the soft, malleable nature of the polymer, the plastic roofing sheet can be shaped as desired. This is also the most suitable material for installing curved roofs and domes without worrying about design problems. Roofs made of shingles are more aesthetic than traditional materials, more durable over time, diverse in color, suitable for many house models, many different architectural works from classic to modern.
  • The transparent plastic roofing sheet is not only durable but also lightweight, so that the product can be easily easily transported from place to place, without much effort. In addition, the cost to cut and construct plastic panels is also quite reasonable. Besides, dismantling and installing plastic roofing is very easy, if you want to repair it is also simpler. The price of this transparent plastic roofing sheet is suitable for many projects with different costs.

Popular clear plastic roofing sheets

Polycarbonate plastic sheet is divided into 3 basic types as follows:

Condensed Polycarbonate Flat Panel:

Has superior properties compared to conventional plastics, corrugated iron or glass. Widely used in construction projects. This is considered the first priority building material in the construction of plastic roofs. Often used in the following works:

  • Light roofs, canopies, skylights: good light penetration allowing 90% of light to pass through and is covered with an anti-reflective coating UV rays help protect health as well as get light effectively.
  • Making billboards: Solid polycarbonate plastic sheets are often used very commonly in billboard design today. With diverse sizes, many colors, good bending and forming ability, along with durability and resistance to harsh weather.
  • Soundproof wall: With solid poly panels with a thickness of 6mm to 10mm capable of soundproofing and insulating effectively.
  • Police riot shield: poly sheet is used in defense equipment because of its ability to withstand impact forces beat well.
  • In addition, the material is also used in other designs such as drugstore screens, closed houses, bulletproof doors,,…

Solid polycarbonate sheet with common thickness from 1.5mm to 6mm. There are also thicknesses like 8mm and 10mm, which are rarely used because they are quite rare and difficult to bend during construction.

Empty polycarbonate plastic sheet:

Polycarbonate hollow plastic sheet is widely used on the market, often used in many places such as porches, bus stops, garages… The point of the hollow Polycarbonate sheet is much lighter in weight than the solid plastic sheet. Therefore, the transportation and construction also become easy, fast, and cost-effective. However, this is a suitable material for short-term projects because the hollow plastic roofing sheet has a lower durability and life expectancy than the solid plastic sheet, which only has a durability of about 5- 5 years. 10 years. The reasonable use of hollow plastic sheets helps to save costs for the project. Transparent plastic roofing sheets have common thicknesses of 5mm, 6mm, 8mm.

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Waveform polycarbonate sheet:

The transparent corrugated polycarbonate sheet has the lightest weight compared to the other two types of light roofing. Transparent corrugated roofing sheet has types: 6 waves, 11 waves with thicknesses from 0.9mm-1.2mm. The main components of corrugated polycarbonate transparent plastic sheet are glass fiber, carbon fiber, standard resin and other components such as Nomex fiber, ceramic fiber, heat-stable synthetic fiber… This is a suitable product. for warehouses, production workshops, roofs of livestock barns, roofs to illuminate crops,…

Price for transparent roofing sheet

Use plastic sheet, transparent plastic sheet Roofing is a smart lighting solution and is leading the trend. Currently on the market there are many units that supply plastic roofing products. However, not all suppliers provide customers with genuine products with the best quality and prices. Green Plastic Roofing Tile is a unit specializing in providing transparent plastic roofing products with the most guaranteed and prestigious quality in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. There is a test certificate from the General Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality. If you are looking for quality building material products with reasonable prices, please quickly contact Green Plastic Tiles for direct advice. Wish you choose the product you like, suitable for your project. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately for more information about products and prices of transparent plastic roofing sheets that Green Plastic Tile is distributing.

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