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Today’s famous roof tile brand

Roof tiles manufactured with high technology will give better quality. Compared to other tiles on the market. People always invest everything in a good way to ensure that the home is always protected. Here are some famous roof tile brands that are confirmed for quality today.

Criteria for evaluating quality roof tiles

  • The first criterion to mention is color fastness. The roof is a place that is constantly exposed to the environment as well as to physical impacts. Therefore, to bring out the overall beauty of the house, you need to choose a durable tile.
  • Tile quality: currently there are many types from many different manufacturers. Quality tile is one that can withstand the harsh weather in Vietnam, can ensure durability, long life, limit moss. In addition, under some unusual fluctuations of the weather such as rain, wind, roof tiles also need to withstand.
  • Price: Currently, many people’s mentality is that low price means low quality. Although most of them are like that, there are still some special cases, many tile products are extremely quality but the price is very favorable. And of course these types of tiles will receive attention and favor from customers.

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Some famous roof tile brands

Fuji Vietnam Color Tile

This is a product originating from Vietnam with more than 20 diverse color codes. Customers can completely choose their favorite color to match the project. Processed at the joint venture company Fuji Vietnam, the products are all manufactured on modern equipment and technology lines. From Japan’s No. 1 tile company Fuji Slate.

Fuji color tiles are made from composite materials and fiber reinforced kuralon, on multi-layer ceramic coating technology. Thanks to that, the product gives color durability up to decades.

Thailand SCG Color Tile

This is a type of tile originating from Thailand that is also very diverse in color. Royal Thai Group SCG is the leading brand in the construction materials industry in Thailand. The most outstanding feature of the product is the wet on wet coating technology. The pigment will be mixed with the glue just sprayed on the surface of the tile during the production process. Thanks to that, the color adheres tightly to the tile body, helping each tile to keep its beautiful brightness even after a long time of use.

The surface is covered with glossy enamel, so it can limit the appearance of moss stains. And most of all, it has excellent water resistance.

Inari Color Tile

Again a high-quality Vietnamese brand., Inari colored tiles are experts in the Japanese construction field. Research and development then transferred technology to Vietnam in 2013. It is also this modern technology line that the products achieve good quality, breakthroughs and above all are suitable for the climate. in Viet Nam.

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Colored tiles contain synthetic fibers from polyvinyl alcohol for good strength and bending resistance. The proof is that if you use a hammer, the product will not crumble like other tiles. And of course with such high technology, the price of this tile is not cheap.

Famous roof tile brand: Green BM Plastic Tile

If you are worried about seepage when the rainy season comes, don’t hesitate. Please select PVC roof tiles from the brand Green BM. The product has a structure with 4 layers including 3 layers of light-resistant plastic. These plastic layers also have excellent heat resistance, bearing capacity, and sound insulation. The outermost layer is coated with ASA color to prevent UV rays and increase color fastness for the product. 4-layer construction increases reliability, allowing up to 30 years of use. Currently, plastic tile products are designed with many different shapes to help you complete the project in the best way.

As a Vietnamese product, Green BM roof tiles are gradually asserting their quality in the market as more and more customers trust them.

thương hiệu ngói lợp nhà

Purchase Information

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