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Super durable anti-corrosion PVC/ASA plastic tile

Plastic tile with light, durable and aesthetic advantages should be applied in many projects: villas, residential houses, resorts..

Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) is warranted for 10 years. Plastic tile is resistant to sea steam, corrosion, rust and heat, so it is suitable for coastal constructions and hot weather in Vietnam.

How is PVC/ASA tile made?

– The top layer of Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) is an ASA layer, which is a super durable plastic with weather (more than 30 years durable, factory guaranteed. 10 years warranty)

– 4-layer ASA/PVC plastic tile is the result of the successful development and research of ASA technology against the impact of UV rays, which reduces the life of the product. products, aging, fading, and at the same time protecting the product from oxidation at high temperatures, thereby making the product durable over time.

– At the same time, ASA resin is also an insulating plastic, which can make the surface dust-free, suitable for many projects with leaves and dirty garbage. , this is the most advanced plastic when it comes to the production of fireproof and anti-corrosion materials.

Ngói Nhựa PVC/ASA Chống ăn mòn Chống ồn Siêu bền

– The middle layer is reinforced virgin PVC with extremely good bearing capacity, and PVC has high thermal insulation ability, so many residential houses roofed with plastic tiles to avoid the use of panels and wall coverings.

Advantages of PVC/ASA Tile

Chemical corrosion resistance

Due to its superior corrosion resistance, chemical reactions cannot occur even if the roofing sheet is immersed in a corrosive solution continuously for 24 hours . ASA/PVC Green BM 4-layer plastic tile product is not only suitable for residential use but also suitable for industrial parks, chemical plants, metal plating and coastal projects.

High load capacity

Green BM Plastic Tile products have high load-bearing capacity, low elasticity even when they are used in extreme temperature environment from 3 degrees C to 50 degree C. Green BM products do not show visible changes to the naked eye. At high temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius, PVC/ASA Tile products are not damaged or cracked.


The surface of the ASA/PVC Green BM 4-layer plastic tile is covered with a layer of ASA (a plastic used in the manufacturing industry of cars, airplanes, etc.) the color of the product reaches 25 years.

High leak resistance

Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) is specially designed with smart, synchronized installation accessories that ensure all screws are fixed and free from oxygen. chemical, creating absolute leak resistance.

Heat resistant

Due to the greenhouse effect, the temperature in recent years has increased, especially in urban areas and densely populated areas, so we are in dire need of a suitable roofing materials to overcome this situation. The 4-layer ASA/PVC Green BM plastic tile product can completely solve this problem thanks to the ASA coating on the surface of the product along with the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, reducing the temperature compared to the outdoor from 3 to 50 degrees Celsius.

Ngói Nhựa PVC/ASA Chống ăn mòn Chống ồn Siêu bền

Noise cancellation

Due to the 4-layer structure, the 4-layer PVC/ASA Green BM corrugated iron and plastic tile product line reduces noise by up to 40dB compared to other roofing products. common metal.


ASA/PVC 4-layer plastic tile is manufactured from high-grade ASA, PVC, so it should be classified as non-self-igniting materials (self-extinguishing when there is no flame) . Therefore, customers can completely rest assured to use Green BM plastic roofing sheets for their projects.


One ​​more thing that we always care about products, that is the ability to be environmentally friendly. Since all products of Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) are free of asbestos, radioactive elements and are recyclable, the product lines are all very environmentally friendly.

Convenient and efficient installation

Because Green BM plastic tile products have light weight (5 – 6 kg/m2) and large size combined with synchronous and intelligent installation accessories to help Construction and installation time is significantly reduced, allowing customers to create the perfect roofing project at an extremely reasonable cost.

<3 research, develop and improve PVC/ASA products to achieve the highest efficiency.

Green Material Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company (Green BM)

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