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Simple ways to calculate the area of a corrugated iron roof

How to calculate the area of ​​corrugated iron roof to best suit the roof surface of the building is a question of beginners or those who want to supervise the construction. If you know the exact area of ​​the corrugated iron roof, the technician can get the right amount of corrugated iron to avoid waste. At the same time, the owners who monitor the work will also know if they have been cut by the iron or not. This article will provide you with all the necessary information.

Classification of corrugated iron in construction

Before knowing how to calculate the area, you need to know what types of corrugated iron there are. Each type of corrugated iron can have different specifications. Therefore, the calculation of the area must also be according to each type of corrugated iron. Some of the most popular types of corrugated iron today include:

  • Imitation plastic corrugated iron roof: Type of corrugated iron This has the advantage of being like a tile but has a variety of colors, is lighter in weight and costs less than traditional tiles. They are widely used in construction projects from civil to industrial.
  • Cold corrugated iron: This type of corrugated iron has the most outstanding feature that is heat resistance, heat resistance, noise resistance and extremely good electrical insulation. Therefore, they help homeowners save a lot of electric energy every year.
  • Insulated corrugated iron: True to its name, this type of corrugated iron has extremely good insulation, so the indoor air is always kept at a stable level. In addition, corrugated iron also has good resistance, durability and long service life, up to several decades.
  • Corrugated iron sheet: This is corrugated iron made from pure zinc, so it has high durability. They are also covered with a fairly thick layer of paint and eye-catching colors to match the paint color of each house.

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Calculate actual area of ​​corrugated iron roof

After saying the general formula, we would like to share an example in practice so that you can understand the calculation as follows:

Calculation of surface area of ​​corrugated iron roof

With a house with a rectangular floor plan and an area of ​​75m2, specifically:

  • Length: 12m
  • Height from rafter to top of corrugated iron roof: 2m

From there, we can calculate the width of the house as: 75/12 = 6m

From the corrugated iron roof, lower a perpendicular line down to the width of the floor. It is the midpoint of the width. So half width is 6/2 = 3m

The length of the slope of the corrugated iron roof is the hypotenuse in the right triangle and is equal to 3.6m .

So the area of ​​corrugated iron roof to be roofed is calculated as follows:

[(Slope of corrugated iron roof (hype side of right triangle) +1) x 2] x length of floor surface = ( 4.6 x 2) x 12 = 108m2

Determining the area of ​​roofing materials

We take the example of a house with the following specifications:

  • Beam width: 150 mm
  • Thickness of truss: 50 mm
  • Width of roof without side walls: 6000 mm
  • Height of roof from top of house to concrete wall: 3000 mm
  • Length of roof including surrounding wall: 6,200 mm

The corrugated iron roof has the following dimensions:

  • Roof height (length from ground to top): 4950 mm
  • Length of floor (distance between both sides): 6200 mm

From all the above data, we can calculate the following:

  • Area of ​​the main roof: 30.69 m2
  • Raft length: 4950m
  • Number of trusses on both sides of the roof:  22
  • Material fee:  0.41m3
  • Volume of Facility Department: 0.58m3
  • Number of corrugated iron for roofing: 36 panels
  • Auxiliary materials, lining: 62m2

cách tính diện tích mái tôn

Notes when choosing corrugated iron roof

Here are some notes you need to know to get a perfect project:

  • It is important to pay attention to feng shui issues, choose the right color to match the owner’s destiny.
  • Must choose the best materials, don’t be greedy for cheap but the building will quickly degrade.
  • Continuously monitor and supervise technicians to urge them to be careful and correct.
  • Choose units that provide corrugated iron with many years of warranty in case of need for maintenance and repair.


The information on how to calculate the area for the corrugated iron roof that we have collected has partly answered you about this issue. Hope that you can best control your work.

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