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Should roof tiles or corrugated iron roofs for residential houses?

Should roof tiles or corrugated iron roofs for residential houses is a frequently asked question for us in recent times. Corrugated iron is a material that is gradually becoming popular instead of using tiles as before. Due to the advantages of corrugated iron, it is far superior to other traditional roofing materials. However, many people are still wondering about using tile or corrugated iron for the roof. In this article, we will share with you the most detailed information about corrugated iron products so that you can make the most accurate choice.

Comparison of corrugated iron roofs and traditional roof tiles

There are many people who believe that corrugated iron roofs are only suitable for modern houses while tile roofs are only suitable for traditional houses. So is it true or not? Each product has its own unique characteristics, so you need to choose the right building material for the intended use.

In order for you to easily choose the product that best suits the design of your home, we will compare the criteria of the two products right below. Please continue to follow this article.

nên lợp mái ngói hay mái tôn

Product durability

Compared to durability, tile will have a bit more durability than corrugated iron. However, the difference in durability is not significant between the two products. If corrugated iron can rust and cause leakage in the long run. The tile is hardly affected by the stable weather. But if you encounter unstable weather such as thunderstorms, whirlwinds, strong gusts of wind, etc., the tile roof can be speeded up whenever there is still corrugated iron, it is quite sturdy.

Product texture

The roof tile has a structure consisting of truss systems. Or the wooden purlin bars should be quite stable, strong and safe. The corrugated iron roof structure is also quite stable, but the bearing capacity of the corrugated iron roof is less than that of the tile roof.

Aesthetics of the product

In terms of aesthetics, tile roofs are always more aesthetically pleasing than corrugated iron roofs. Tile roof brings a more solid and superficial beauty. However, the corrugated iron roof also brings a modern beauty that the tile roof does not have. In addition, using corrugated iron roofs, you can also choose from many colors to best suit your project.

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It is recommended to have a tile or corrugated iron roof with the product’s soundproofing ability

Both products have good soundproofing ability, however, because the tile has a certain thickness, the sound insulation ability is slightly better than corrugated iron. If the corrugated iron roof can soundproof about 60dB, the tile roof can soundproof up to 75dB. This helps you not to be uncomfortable every time it rains.

Heat resistance, insulation

The heat resistance of traditional tiles is better than that of some types of corrugated iron. However, with specialized heat-resistant corrugated iron, this ability is much better than tile. You can choose the product depending on the weather in your place.

Product weight

In terms of weight, tile roofs are much heavier than corrugated iron. Therefore, the process of transporting and installing the corrugated iron roof is also much easier and simpler. The weight of a tile roof can be dozens of times that of a corrugated iron roof. This also makes the purlin system in the tiled roof need to be stronger than the purlin system in the corrugated iron roof.

Construction time

The work time of the corrugated iron roof is much shorter than that of the tile roof because the corrugated iron roof has a simple structure and large slabs. Tile roofs take longer to install because they have to be placed individually according to the correct technique.

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Waterproof ability

Both products have very good leak resistance. However, when used for a long time, the corrugated iron roof is easy to rust and cause leakage. The leaky corrugated iron roof is very easy to handle. As for the tile roof, if for some reason it is leaking rainwater into the house, it is very difficult to detect.

Product cost

Price is one of the reasons people decide which product to choose. Compared with tile roof, corrugated iron roof will be much lower. Therefore, for families with limited financial capacity, a corrugated iron roof is the most suitable choice. In addition, there are types of corrugated iron tiles, so those who like corrugated iron roofs but have little budget can also consider it.


Above are all the answers to the question: “Should roof tiles or corrugated iron roofs for residential houses?”. Hopefully, you will choose for yourself the most suitable roofing product for the project.

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