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Revealing Mango House plastic tile roofing project

Mango House plastic tile roofing project is one of the projects of Green Materials Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company recently. To us, each completed project is a testament to a great deal of effort and dedication. Give quality and get back the trust of customers. Thanks again to Mango House for giving us this opportunity to collaborate!

What’s special at Mango House?

The impression from the name to the experience at Mango House made us more excited when receiving this project. Located on Lai Son Island, Mango House is known as a nature resort. Provide relaxing service in the natural garden. Bearing the quiet, idyllic look of traditional Vietnamese paintings.

One ​​of the most outstanding amenities of Mango House is the focus on natural space. With a view of the deep blue coast, bamboo rows cover themselves under the romantic sunset sun.

công trình ngói nhựa mango house

In order not to lose the unique beauty and keep that poetic and rustic soul, we have chosen roofing materials that are in harmony with the architectural structure of the house. Mango House aims.

Located in a harmonious natural position, halfway up the mountain with only 400 meters. Despite the winding mountain road terrain. However, this is the bright spot that helps Mango House fully converge the quintessence. About the spatial architecture with the breath of the mountains. A resort is not only a place to rest, but also a place for you to let go of your heart and forget the troubles of life.

How to request roofing materials for Mango House?

With its architecture, Mango House is the place to keep what is called the most authentic and ancient. From the main material from wood, it is both delicate and luxurious, bringing a feeling of true warmth and peace. Breath of nature with murmuring streams, mango orchards drooping by the arches.

Harmoniously combined with the direction of sunlight, the sea surface shines. With the open-air campus, it has shown that the careful investment of the design team of this project has fulfilled its role very well. When creating a resort space that touches people’s hearts at first sight.

The mission of Mango House Plastic Tile Roofing Project is to cover this natural resort with a cool green color for the roof.

From tons of different ideas and options. Derived from the endless inspiration of the blue of the sea, and the green of the natural mountains. We have chosen for Mango House the peace that is true to the spirit in which it exists, with the following criteria:

– In terms of form: Must fully meet the beauty of nature and design ideas that are both traditional and modern.

– Function: Meet the requirements of ability, heat resistance, heat resistance, fire resistance. Able to self-clean and protect the best resort space.

– Feasibility: The project can meet the budget and long-term sustainability for Mango House to operate alongside the desired vacations of guests goods during stay. The most convenient and quick installation can be done easily.

>>>Ref: 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron

PVC/ASA Plastic Tile is prioritized for this Mango House project. This is a passionate product that we research. To bring the best quality for natural resorts.

With the advantages of light weight, high rigidity, moisture-proof, fireproof, anti-corrosion, sound and heat insulation. The material is very suitable for buildings with ancient architecture.

Plastic roof is just one part of the entire design of the project. However, it is the material that protects and protects the structure of Mango House space. Help solidify and determine the comfort of the place.

ngói nhựa mango house

Each project has its own story. With Mango House, the story of this place originates from the most rustic and unspoiled natural beauty.

Therefore, we hope with respect and undying love for this place. Green Materials Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company is committed to bringing the best and most prestigious materials. Bringing long-term development to customers with the durability of roof tiles for more than 30 years of use.


Green Materials Import-Export Investment Joint Stock Company is one of the leading suppliers of PVC/ASA roof tiles.

The trademark is protected and distributed exclusively throughout Vietnam. With the production criteria of advanced technology to protect the environment, put the interests of customers first. With mango House plastic tile roofing project is the most concrete example.

What we care about is not the immediate profit. Or the number of projects to undertake more or less. That is customer satisfaction, when receiving true values, creating a project with true spiritual meaning.

Therefore, we do not pursue a cheap policy. Instead, it offers high-class service with an appropriate cost. Provide products fake plastic corrugated iron tile top notch with the most perfect function. Space and creativity < strong>life. The ultimate goal is still to focus on human values ​​above all. Accompanied by a sense of responsibility for a long-term warranty. Not to mention always ready to serve customers at all times.

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