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Price list of plastic corrugated iron in the year 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City

Lighting plastic corrugated iron is the best solution for buildings that can both get natural light. Just avoiding environmental conditions such as rain, sun, storm, wind, etc. The light area of this material is from 5 to 10% of the roof area, so homeowners can save a lot of electricity every year. . If you are in need of installing light plastic corrugated iron, please follow the article below to get more specific advice from Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM).

Tôn nhựa lấy sáng

What is plastic corrugated iron?

This product is very popularly used to obtain natural light sources while also avoiding harsh conditions such as storms, sun, wind, thunderstorms, rain, etc. Has a long service life, high durability and high visibility. good light. This material is 250 times stronger than glass. Outstanding features such as: good heat and sound insulation. High bearing capacity and great aesthetics.

Specifications of light-emitting plastic panels

  • Cruiling thickness: 0.5, 0.6, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm
  • Length: 2, 2.4, 3, 6, 12m. Can be cut according to customer’s request but not more than 12m.
  • Waveform: Waveform: 3, 4 Cliplock waves; 5 Fibro waves; 12 round waves, 5, 7, 9, 11 square waves;…

What are the types of light plastic corrugated iron?

Polycarbonate reflective sheet

This product is a combination of polymer and carbonate groups. Thanks to this perfect combination, the product is almost as transparent as glass and is up to 6 times lighter.

Products are often used to light up factories, warehouses or corridors in commercial centers. Used to cover garden houses, cover skylights, make domes, …


  • Very light weight (6 times lighter than tempered glass).
  • Lighting capacity up to 85%.
  • Easy to transport, construct and install.
  • High hardness, 2 times that of tempered glass.
  • Good sound and heat insulation should limit risks such as fire.
  • Has UV protection to help protect human and pet health.
  • The bearing capacity is 250 times better than glass, 20 times better than mica and 6 times better than tempered glass.
  • Available in different colors and sizes to suit different design requirements.

Color: Color in glass, green, navy blue, milky white, blue and bronze tea.


  • 5, 6, 7, 9 square wave.
  • 5 Fibro waves.


  • The ability to get light is only about 80-90% compared to glass and the clarity cannot be equal to glass.

Tôn Lấy Sáng Sợi Thủy Tinh

Plastic corrugated iron with glass fiber

Fiberglass composite panel is a product made from Composite or PolyEster. The product is enhanced with bearing capacity and cohesion by applying elastic diaphragm technology. With a combination of glass fibers and other additives in the core.


  • The ability to get light is about 85% good.
  • Good corrosion resistance and strength.
  • Good heat resistance.
  • Good sound insulation.
  • Easy to bend, shape.
  • There are different thicknesses and colors, so it can meet many different projects.

Waveform: 3, 4 Cliplock waves; 5 Fibro waves; 5, 7, 9, 11 square wave; 12 circular waves.

Color: White, blue, green.


  • Light clarity is worse than Polycarbonate panels, aesthetics are also worse.
  • Manufacturing costs are high, so the cost of the product is higher than that of plastic Polycarbonate roofing sheets.

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General advantages of light plastic corrugated iron

Light transmission

Flat plastic corrugated iron has the ability to catch light well. The ability to get light is up to 70-90%. From there, it is possible to take advantage of natural light sources to save electrical energy.


Has the ability to reduce noise when it rains. Therefore, the sound insulation is quite good and can be applied to some projects that need sound insulation.

Does not conduct heat, does not conduct electricity

Can be heat insulator, good electrical insulation. Therefore, creating safety, preventing fire and keeping the space inside the building cool.

tôn lấy sáng composite chống ăn mòn hóa chất giá rẻ nhất

Application of light-emitting plastic panels

  • Platform plastic corrugated iron sheet used for light and skylight to save electricity and other costs.
  • Cheap can be used for wall cladding of factory buildings. Or industrial parks to prevent noise, heat insulation,…
  • Cheap flat plastic corrugated iron that can be used as a roof for stands and stadiums. Swimming pool for maximum light.
  • This product is also used in agriculture to make greenhouses, roofs for drying agricultural and aquatic products, etc.
  • Used in parking lots, civil constructions, etc. To prevent heat and get light.

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How much is the bright plastic sheet worth in 2022?

Below is the price of transparent plastic sheet at Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM). The price of corrugated iron depends on factors such as: product thickness, flat or waveform, product size, etc.

These factors need to be suitable for your project. Therefore, when you directly contact Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) via hotline 1: 0943.759.119; hotline 2: 0911.469.969; hotline 3: 0919.301.246; or email:, we will advise you directly on which products you should use and their detailed prices.

STT EXPLANATION Thickness DVT unit price
1 -Technology: Laminating machine

-Material: Fiberglass – Composite

–Color: Matte white – Matte green

-Waveform: 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 square wave, 14 round wave

– Width: 1.07m

– Specification: 2m – 2.4m – 3m

Note: Accept production of corrugated iron according to your specifications.

1 class


Meters long
2 2 layers


Meters long
3 3 layers


Meters long
4 4 layers


Meters long
5 5 layers


Meters long
6 6 layers


Meters long
7 7.5 layers


Meters long

Address for supplying and constructing prestige plastic corrugated iron

GREEN BM is a unit specializing in the supply and construction of building materials quality such as plastic tile, heat resistant corrugated iron, PVC ASA corrugated iron. On the market there are many places that sell bright plastic sheets with different prices. To choose the right place to distribute beautiful, durable, quality, and best price plastic corrugated iron sheets. Contact us immediately with the following information:

Green Materials Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company

Address: 1605/1A National Highway 1A, An Phu Dong Ward, District 12, HCMC

Hotline 1: 0943.759.119

Hotline 2: 0911.469.969

Hotline 3: 0919.301.246