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Price list of Composite/Polycarbonate corrugated iron in 2022

Lightweight plastic corrugated iron is a very popular line of materials that you often encounter at construction sites. The product is often used as a canopy to catch light. In order to meet the needs of construction works with high quality, it is required that investment contractors look for standard corrugated iron in accordance with construction standards. That will help the project improve the quality of durability, solidity and service life. In which, many construction contractors have chosen light plastic corrugated iron at our company for construction . Let’s learn more about this material, in today’s article.

Tôn nhựa lấy sáng

Details of light corrugated iron

Lighting plastic tole plays the role of light support for industrial and civil constructions today. The sheet is manufactured from a mixture of plastic and glass fibers that meet European and Japanese standards. Use highlight save up to 5% to 10% of roof area.

So, light tole will save basically up to 20,000 KW of electricity per year. If using up to 100% of the roof area to get light. Save a lot of costs on moving and storing items and products.

Bright colors

Lightweight roofing also known as cheap light-weight roofing sheets, marketed with the following outstanding colors: Clear color matte, opaque white, matte navy and checkered blue. All of them have the main use of effective light penetration for the most cost-effective light-burning project today.

Specification & thickness of plastic corrugated iron:

Research and understand the thickness of light corrugated iron to help you gain more experience in choosing the most suitable type of corrugated iron:

Square corrugated iron:

  • Type 5, 6 industrial waves and 9 square waves, 11 square waves and 14 round waves will have a gauge of 1.07m.
  • Industrial 7 wave type with dry is 1.05m.
  • The standard shading thickness is as follows:
  • From 0.4mm to 1.5mm (0.4mm – 0.8mm – 1.0mm – 1.2mm – 1.5mm -)< /li>
  • And 2.0mm – 2.4mm – 3.0mm…

Lightweight length

With stock type: Available length will be from   2m – 2.4m – 3m.

Refer to the highlighter size specifications for adjustments. Consider the ratio of corrugated iron to suit the optimal project area. This will avoid wastage or excess costs.

Lighted plastic sheet

Light corrugated iron specification

Super bright plastic sheet is integrated between PolyEster and fiberglass components, providing superior light absorption. The feature of this type of corrugated iron is that it is lightweight, saves time in moving and installation takes a lot of effort.

Also resistant to acid wear and penetration from external influences. Not penetrated by sea salt and hoarfrost, so it has a long service life. Works well in high chemical environments.

Highlight glass form does not rust, works well without mold, affecting health. The optimal light transition is from 85% light penetration to 15% opacity. So the product should limit the glare from the sun.

Light corrugated plastic sheets

On the market today, there are 5 types of plastic corrugated iron that are used the most by users. Let’s take a look at some outstanding features of those types of corrugated iron, below:

5 square wave plastic sheet

Plastic corrugated iron with 5 square waves including 5 waves, interspersed with corrugated iron sheets made of metal material with the same number of waves to be suitable for construction. This type of corrugated iron is highly appreciated for its aesthetics and high accuracy. With good corrosion resistance, chosen by many contractors for the best cost savings.

Six wave corrugated iron

The 6-wave plastic corrugated iron possesses many useful properties, including good light transmission and wear resistance. Light weight, sound insulation, anti-noise and extremely good impact resistance. Especially keeping high stability. Therefore, it is used by many constructions to alternate metal corrugated iron sheets to get better natural light.

Seven wave corrugated iron

With 7 waves, there is a wide format so the height must be lowered. This meets the fairly common size criteria these days. The metal corrugated board is also using 7 waves of the same size.

Ưu điểm khi sử dụng tôn nhựa lấy sáng cho công trình

Nine wave corrugated iron

<3 The center of 9-wave plastic corrugated iron combined with metal corrugated iron will increase the best natural light.

11 wave plastic sheet

The 11-wave plastic corrugated iron will have a certain uniformity and visual balance. This corrugated board is often used as a solution. Help the building have the best amount of natural light.

What are the advantages of plastic corrugated iron?

Lightweight plastic corrugated iron is known as a building material that helps to increase building light effectively. In addition, it also has highly appreciated advantages such as:

The ability to catch light of plastic corrugated iron up to 85%. Saving energy for large-capacity factories.

Resistance to rust. Good waterproofing, not affected by the environment to create plaque or moss.

Lightweight with super good heat and sound insulation. It is safer if there is a fire in the event of a fire.

Quick installation, construction and maintenance process. Suitable for many types of projects from small to large, simple or sophisticated form.

Long life up to 15 years, no signs of yellowing or severe deterioration.

Various colors make it easy to choose the right one for your building’s architecture. Increase aesthetics and match feng shui destiny.

What are the disadvantages of light-weight plastic panels?

Although there are many useful advantages for projects to utilize. However, light-weight plastic corrugated iron has the disadvantage that it only has a ratio of 80 to 90% compared to other materials. glass type. Moreover, the transparency of corrugated iron is not equal to that of glass.

Light-weighted plastic corrugated iron is a modern material with long life, good light absorption

Application of light corrugated iron

Lighting up most exposed to sunlight in constructions. Suitable for large-scale industrial projects such as factories or factories,…

Application to make greenhouses for growing vegetables and fruits in a closed model, limiting sunlight. Help growers save costs and increase the productivity of higher crop production.

Also suitable for making skylight roofs for townhouses and large villas. Save energy and increase natural light for housing space. The product is also used for exterior decoration to make window arches. Or the porch to get light, create a good soundproof space to limit the sound of rain.

Used to make a roof for a stadium or swimming pool to help keep cool. Taking the blue light of the sky is very suitable.

Practical applications of composite light corrugated iron

With up to 85% light transmission, light plastic sheet Used for many different types of projects from industrial to civil. Help users save power and increase the optimal natural lighting. The following are some of the practical applications of this material.

In industrial buildings

Industrial buildings used to increase the amount of light for large-scale factory buildings today. It is considered one of the necessary solutions to help businesses reduce costs. Saving the state electricity source about 15,000 to 20,000kw/year.

In agricultural buildings

Agriculture also needs corrugated iron to invest in livestock and poultry farms to maintain a stable temperature. Light and temperature are two major contributors to the healthy growth of domestic animals.

Tôn nhựa lấy ánh sáng dạng phẳng

In civil works

With this type of building, it is necessary to highlight to get the light inside. Take advantage of the popular skylight, amusement park and garden area today. Not only saving electricity but also increasing the aesthetics of the house.

In resort projects

Highlighting set the pool area to increase the light. Constructions near the sea are highly affected by salt vapor to replace unusable materials.

What are the types of light plastic corrugated iron?

Polycarbonate light corrugated iron

This is the most popular transparent plastic sheet product today, with flexible polymer material and carbonate groups. As a result, light polycarbonate sheet has a transparent structure, processed in many different forms. Bringing many conveniences to construction works.

Composite light corrugated iron

With this material made from PolyEster + Fiberglass Composite. The corrugated iron has a solid structure with durability and good impact resistance.

Stable lighting feature is also very popular in our country. In which, there are two forms: Composite light corrugated iron and flat plastic corrugated iron.

Currently popular bright plastic corrugated iron brands

Here are the most prominent names of the brand line showing off is the most widely used today. Please refer to:

Solaflat light corrugated iron

This famous brand’s main product is polycarbonate, made in Vietnam. However, the product applies European production standards. Using UV extrusion technology to increase durability. Retains full color despite inclement weather. Prestigious products with more than 10 years warranty.

Tôn nhựa lấy sáng hay tấm lấy sáng

Blorify the Twinlite brand

TWINLITE is a reputable brand specializing in providing composite light roofing products. Has a reasonable price but sustainable quality.

The company’s products are highly appreciated for their light ability and long durability. Diversified design harmonizes for the best natural light.

Solartuff corrugated board

Highlighting polycarbonate is mainly round wave and square wave with a variety of designs. This brand has been around for a long time and is recognized for the quality of its products.

Meet the strict standards of many types of buildings that need good light. More than 10 years warranty policy with timely support. Helping brands build trust with users.

Price list of new lighted plastic sheets in 2022

See now list price sheet of light-colored plastic corrugated iron provided from GREEN MATERIAL Import-Export Investment Joint Stock Company specifically as follows: < /span>

STT Speaking Thickness Unit Unit price
1 Lightweight Plastic Sheets

-Technology: Laminating machine

-Material: Fiberglass – Composite

–Color: Matte White – Matte Blue

-Waveform: 5, 6, 7, 9, 11 square wave, 14 round wave

–Width: 1.07m

– Specification: 2m – 2.4m – 3m…

Note: We can produce corrugated iron according to your specifications


1 layer


Meters long       
2 2 layers



Meters long       
3 3 layers


Meters long       
4 4 layers


Meters long       
5 5 layers


Meters long       
6 6 layers


Meters long       
7 7.5 layers


Meters long       

 Above, just the price fiberglass sheet price< /b> for customers to refer to the price. Note that the above price list does not include VAT and shipping fees..

Contact Hotline: 0911. 469,969 for an accurate quote for each area.

Delivery policy:

  • HCMC area: Delivery time in days.
  • Region Province: Maximum delivery time within 2 days.
  • Return Policy: Applicable to customer renewals:
  • Error from product manufacturer.
  • Product scratched error.

bảng báo giá tôn nhựa lấy sáng

GREEN BM specializes in providing light-weight plastic sheets in HCMC

Green Plastic Tiles (GREEN BM) specializes in providing construction materials, especially roofing sheets. Composite (fiberglass) plastic, top quality in Vietnam.

Each product that we provide to customers is associated with the criteria of green quality, long-term sustainability for all construction projects.

Committed to the policy of buying and selling genuine goods, advanced production technology with the most reasonable price for customers nationwide. Comes with a 10-year product warranty.

GREEN BM says no to selling fake and poor quality products. Always facilitate purchases. Shipping support with modern scientific working process, 24/7 customer support consulting service. Accept order for light, 3-layer heat-resistant corrugated iron according to customer requirements.< /span>

You just need to contact us for the most complete support for all information related to the product until you are satisfied and find the best product for you. my work.

Green Materials Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company

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