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Polycarbonate corrugated iron takes light effectively

Technology is increasingly developing, leading to human needs and the ability to create products that do not stop at a certain level. In which, it is impossible not to mention polycarbonate plastic sheet. Products bring outstanding benefits to users. Let’s learn about this type of plastic sheet with GREEN BM in the article below.

Polycarbonate sheet

What is polycarbonate?

This is a flexible, transparent, high-performance polymer with organic groups. They are linked together by carbonate groups (–O– (C = O) –O–). Has good light transmission and light capture. More resistant to impact than other plastics. In addition, the product does not crack.

Polycarbonate sheet, also known as corrugated plastic sheet, has the effect of catching natural light for buildings.

tấm lợp nhựa polycarbonate

Advantages and applications of polycarbonate in daily life

Why is polycarbonate plastic sheet used and put into construction more and more. Please continue to follow the article to learn about the advantages and applications of poly corrugated iron, so that customers can make the most reasonable choice.


  • The ability to transmit light, catch light effectively. Light is transmitted through the roofing sheet from 70 – 90%
  • Good soundproofing. Weather, thunderstorms or heavy rain, doesn’t make much noise. In addition, polycarbonate plastic roofing sheets have 6 times better noise resistance than glass of the same thickness.
  • Does not conduct heat and electricity. The product has a UV-COATED layer to help prevent maximum heat from the sun.
  • Excellent fire resistance. Polycarbonate corrugated iron does not catch fire, and is capable of self-extinguishing.


Polycarbonate roofing sheets are used in many different ways in life. Here are some popular apps:

Insulate walls 

As shared above, plastic sheet with excellent insulation effect. Therefore, constructions often use poly plastic to make insulation walls. Poly has the ability to protect people from IR radiation and significantly increase energy efficiency.

For use in the arena 

At sports arenas or swimming pools. Avoiding bad weather such as rain and intense sunlight, engineers use poly plastic sheets to make roofs, because both protect people and have natural light coming in, saving energy.

Roof, signage 

Poly is used as a roof and signage. Depending on the needs of use, poly has many different sizes and thicknesses, in addition, poly can be shaped as desired.

Replace window glass, skylight 

Natural light can enter through the Poly plastic sheet. So Poly is used for windows and skylights. At the same time, it can be dyed to reduce the level of internal reflection, helping to reduce cooling costs inside the building.

Polycarbonate sheet price

Plastic polycarbonate price? Price of polycarbonate plastic sheet? On the market today, poly plastic sheets are sold at many different prices, depending on the thickness, quality, size, … to serve the needs of many customers. For a quote on polycarbonate sheet for details, contact the hotline:

Hotline 1: 0943.759.119

Hotline 2: 0911.469.969

Hotline 3: 0919.301.246

Where to buy polycarbonate sheeting?

In the current Vietnamese market, businesses providelight plastic corrugated iron there are many polycarbonates. But to ensure the quality and reputation of the product. GREEN BM is a leading enterprise in the field of providing polycarbonate roofing sheets.

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The company operates with prestige, transparency, and loyalty as the first. Always give the best customer satisfaction possible. Simultaneously with the mission of providing business partners and customers with the best experience of branded, high-quality, reasonably priced building materials products, applying advanced technology and protect the natural environment.

Come to GREEN BM for advice and choose to buy poly.


Polycarbonate corrugated iron is used in large and small projects because of the significant effects that this product brings. For free, dedicated advice and support, choosing the right products for your home, don’t forget to contact us via:  

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