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Origins and Benefits of Eco-Plastics (Part 2)


⇒ The recycling of plastic waste is one of the effective fuel-saving waste treatment methods. Eco-plastic saves much more energy than producing new plastic materials by reducing activities such as mining, processing, transportation…

⇒ Using plastic waste recycling is an environmentally friendly method. By reducing the consumption of natural resources and saving energy. As a result, the amount of emissions released into the environment is also reduced. According to the statistical results, the use of Eco-Plastic has helped to reduce 18 million tons of CO2 per year.

⇒ An existing headache problem is that the amount of plastic waste that cannot be handled is increasing day by day. The piling up of plastic waste dumps pollutes our own living environment. Not to mention that the treatment of plastic waste by landfilling is still hazardous to nature and human health. The use of Eco-Plastics to help reduce the amount of waste will partly solve this problem.

Nguồn gốc và Lợi ích của Nhựa Sinh Thái (Phần 2)

Using recycled plastic is an effective method to save resources, protect the living environment, reduce waste and harmful emissions into the environment, protect food sources, organisms on earth and the environment. ecological school. With such benefits, each of us should promote plastic recycling and spread this message to the community.

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