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Những cách xử lý chống dột mái tôn bạn đừng nên bỏ qua

Treatment to prevent leaking corrugated iron roof is very important. To help a building not be damaged and degraded quickly. Not only that, on rainy days, if unfortunately your corrugated iron roof leaks. You will certainly feel very uncomfortable. You need to find the cause before you can deal with it. In this article, we will guide you from A to Z. For you to have a leak-proof corrugated iron roof.

Causes of leaking corrugated iron

After a period of use, your corrugated iron roof will begin to degrade and encounter some problems. This will cause rainwater to leak into the house, causing an extremely uncomfortable situation. Here are some of the causes of a leaky corrugated iron roof:

  • Due to poor quality corrugated iron, the oxidation process will puncture the corrugated iron and water seep into the house.
  • Due to the transportation, the anti-rust paint is scratched, so it will rust and leak into the house when exposed to rain water.
  • Because the technician did not use the correct technique when installing, the gap between the corrugated iron sheets was open.
  • Due to the rust of the screw, it creates an opening for water to flow in,…

The best way to check the location of a leaky corrugated iron roof

When checking the damaged location of corrugated iron roof< /a>, you need to climb on the roof to see the leak directly. When stepping on the roof, you must be very careful, step with your feet in the middle of the two nails in a horizontal row. Since it’s a steel frame track, you won’t damage the roof and you won’t get injured. Especially long-term corrugated iron, you have to be even more careful because they are easy to rot.

xủ lý chống dột mái

Next, you can use the naked eye to observe and determine the location of the leaky corrugated iron roof. For places with extremely large holes that can be seen with the naked eye, mark them again to avoid being missed.

In addition, you can also use a water pump to spray directly on the roof, this way you need someone below to assist. Similarly, mark again to avoid missing leaks.

The most effective way to prevent leaking corrugated iron roof

Once the leak has been identified, proceed to deal with the following:

Replace all rusted screws and reinforce damaged screws with silicone

This method is only used for slightly damaged corrugated iron roofs, the rain stains only appear at the points of the screws. Use this method for about 6 months to 1 year you will have to repeat to avoid leaking.

Prepare new screws, sandpaper, screw gun, silicone glue gun. Then proceed to replace all the nails with new ones and apply silicone glue.

Treatment against leaking corrugated iron roofs with gasoline and foam

Similar to the above method, after knowing where the leaks are, use sandpaper to clean the corrugated iron surface. Then put the foam on and pour gasoline in so that the adhesion of the foam on the corrugated iron occurs. This will prevent your roof from leaking. This method is very effective but very cheap, suitable for everyone.

Treat leaking corrugated iron roof with specialized glue

If you find leaks, you can simply glue them back with glue. The leak will be covered immediately. This way is very easy to do and the cost of specialized glue is not too expensive.

Anti-leakage of corrugated iron roof with specialized stickers

The first step in this method is that you also need to determine the exact location of the exposed corrugated iron roof. Then use corrugated iron sheets sold at specialized mechanical stores. Use sandpaper, rub around the hole and proceed to stick the prepared sticker on.

This ensures that it will last for a very long time. It is also quite affordable so you can give it a try. Besides, you can completely replace the adhesive sheet with asphalt.

những cách xử lý chống dột mái

Treatment to prevent leakage of corrugated iron roof from the gap between the wall and the corrugated iron roof

The degree of damage in this case is quite heavy, so it is not possible to use the simple methods as above. At this point, you can only use grout to seal the gap, or use tape to join the wall and corrugated iron together.

This method will be quite expensive and difficult for you to repair because the location of the leak is quite difficult to do.


Above are all the simplest and most effective ways that we synthesize to handle leaking corrugated iron roof. Hope this information will help you in the process of repairing your corrugated iron roof.

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