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Is white plastic sheet used good or not?

Before starting to build a project, whether small or large, the materials are also what causes a headache for homeowners. In which, perhaps the roof is the part that most affects the aesthetics of a building. Right here, let’s find out, white plastic corrugated board extremely “hot” products in recent times.

White plastic sheeting 

What is white corrugated iron? What types of white plastic sheets are divided into? Let’s find out with GREEN BM in general through the information shared below.

What is white corrugated iron?

In recent years, using white plastic roofing sheets has become a trend because of the effects it brings. White plastic corrugated iron is a product using modern polycarbonate plastic sheets. So white plastic corrugated iron is often called polycarbonate plastic sheet.

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Plastic corrugated iron with wavy light

With its wavy shape, this is the most popular product today. At the same time, to better serve the needs and preferences of customers. This type of white plastic corrugated iron is also divided into two types, square wavy and round wavy. Both bring high value to customers.

Flat type plastic sheeting 

Contrary to the wavy form, the flat light corrugated iron has a flat shape. For today’s modern works, the product is very popular. In parallel, to make it easier for customers to choose, products are divided into many different sizes, colors, and thicknesses.

Transparent white plastic sheet 

Plain white plastic sheet is Polycarbonate light corrugated iron product. You may not know, this product transparent plastic sheet has the same clarity as glass and can withstand 15 times the force. – 20 normal glasses. Currently, the product is widely used, such as glazing of swimming pools, greenhouses for growing vegetables, flowers, residential houses,…

Why should you buy white plastic sheet

    • Plastic corrugated iron is extremely effective in soundproofing and anti-noise.
    • In Vietnam, there are mainly two seasons, rainy and sunny, with a harsh climate. When using white plastic roofing sheets with the ability to reduce heat in hot summer days and windy days, plastic sheets will protect the safety of your home.
    • White plastic roofing helps to resist UV rays, protecting users’ health.
    • Clear white plastic panel provides up to 90% clear light. At the same time, the product has high plasticity, freely bending into different shapes without fear of influence.
    • With high quality products, service life up to more than 30 years.
    • Environmentally friendly material, completely recyclable. At the same time, products are manufactured with advanced European processes, providing the best customer experience.

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Price quotation for white plastic sheet

The price of white plastic roofing sheets depends on the thickness, size and size, but there will be different prices. But currently on the market, prices range from 82-400 thousand VND for a square meter. For a specific and detailed quote, contact GREEN BM for the most detailed advice via Mr. Hieu (Director) 0944.696688 and Mr. Edit (General Director) 0911.469969. The price of white plastic corrugated iron is not only fixed at a high level but also depends on the needs and wants to use.

Where to buy white plastic corrugated iron?

At GREEN BM, an enterprise specializing in providing high-quality construction materials, through its operation, the company has been certified by partners as well as customers. row. With a vision in the future, GREEN BM always brings core values, Prestige – Transparency – Loyalty.

GREEN BM gives Business Partners and Customers the best experience of branded, high quality, affordable Building Materials products rationally, apply advanced technology and protect the natural environment. At the same time, we always strive to bring our partners and customers the fastest, most accurate and dedicated service quality.

Come to GREEN BM for the best experience of white plastic corrugated iron.


White plastic corrugated iron is a product launched in the market in a short time. But the signals brought have proven the “hot” of the product when customers are very fond of this item. For advice and product selection lighting plastic sheet high quality, contact with us via: 

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