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Is transparent plastic sheet durable?

Is transparent plastic sheet durable is the question of many people in recent times. Because transparent plastic sheets are being used quite commonly in recent times, people have paid special attention to them. Transparent plastic sheet is said to have extremely high durability, about 240 times more than glass material. So is the transparent plastic sheet really as good as the “rumor”? In this article, we will answer all your questions about this type of product.

Is transparent plastic sheet durable?

This is a question we have received a lot over the years. To answer this question, we would like to give the outstanding characteristics of this material.

Transparent plastic corrugated iron is used very popularly in recent times because of the outstanding advantages that they give to the user. Let’s find out the features of this product.

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Transparent plastic corrugated products are extremely light in weight. They are 240 times lighter than regular glass. Therefore, the stages of transportation, construction and installation are also much easier and more convenient.

Good light penetration

Transparent plastic sheet has light penetration up to 92-96%. Therefore, the product can help the building make the best use of the natural light of the environment. In addition, it also saves a large amount of electrical energy of the homeowner.

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Extremely good bearing capacity

Products have very good bearing capacity in the harshest natural conditions such as: storms, thunderstorms, wind, hail,… Since then, they ensure the construction is always safe, while also providing protection. animals, plants and people.

Excellent sound insulation

Transparent plastic sheet can soundproof up to 60dB, so it always brings the most comfortable feeling on rainy days. The sound of rain will no longer make you uncomfortable and instead feel a lot more comfortable.

Very good heat resistance

This product is made from materials with good heat resistance, and the technology to create them is extremely modern. Therefore, they are heat resistant up to 98%. This makes the space inside your home always much more comfortable than outside.

Is transparent plastic sheet durable with extremely good UV resistance

UV rays are one of the main causes of dangerous skin diseases for humans. If you are not carefully covered every time you go out, you can catch worrying diseases. Transparent plastic corrugated iron has the outstanding advantage of UV protection up to 98%. People and pets will be almost completely protected from UV exposure.

Extremely high aesthetic

This product is made from special materials with extremely modern production lines and technology. Therefore, they produce products with extremely diverse aesthetics. In addition, with many colors, customers can freely choose the product that best suits their project.

Very durable and long life

This product has extremely high durability, so it can reduce maintenance, repair or replacement costs for homeowners. The life of the product can be up to several decades. Therefore, many people have chosen transparent plastic sheets for their projects.

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Easy to create

Due to being made with modern technology, the product is both flexible and easy to shape. Technicians can easily shape the shape that best suits their design.

Easy to install

The technique of installing transparent plastic corrugated iron is extremely simple and does not take too much time. They can help homeowners save on installation costs. Therefore, transparent plastic corrugated iron has been chosen a lot in recent times.

Extremely high applicability

The product can be used for installation at projects such as:

  • Civil housing works.
  • Industrial buildings.
  • Additional works.
  • Agricultural building.
  • Make pool roof, stadium roof, skylight, garage, bus stop, dome, terrace,…

Affordable price

Despite bringing in such many advantages, transparent plastic corrugated iron has an extremely affordable price. Their cost is much cheaper than glass. Therefore, today, it is used as a convenient substitute for glasses.


Thus, with the above information, we have answered the question “is transparent plastic sheet durable?” your. Wish you always choose the best products for your project.

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