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Is plastic tile good? Advantages of using plastic tiles

Then a place of quality, with high aesthetics is being directed by many people. To meet this demand, many products have been produced and supplied to the outside market. In particular, pvc tile is one of the top choices to meet that need. Let’s find out with GREEN BM whether plastic tile is good? and related issues right in the article below!

What is a plastic tile?

PVC tile is mainly composed of PVC. Currently, there are many types of tile, corrugated iron roof appearing on the market. But PVC tile still retains a certain attraction because of the properties it brings, suitable for a variety of constructions and architectures.

ngói nhựa pvc 4 lớp

PVC tile construction  

Includes 4 layers: 

  • The first layer on top is an ASA surface layer that works against damaging UV rays to ensure your health humans and pets. Helps resist chemicals found in nature to create durability for tiles.
  • 2nd layer: virgin PVC layer. This layer helps the tiles have very good insulation, noise resistance, fire resistance and bearing capacity.
  • Third layer: anti-light PVC layer helps the tiles increase heat insulation. Effective anti-noise, bearing and anti-heat.
  • Last layer: primary PVC plastic layer, usually milky white, used to help the tiles increase durability. Increased heat resistance and waterproofing, very good noise resistance.


Some specifications of 4-layer pvc tile products are as follows:

  • Width: 1050mm
  • Useful: 960mm
  • Thick: 2.5-3cm
  • Wavelength: 219mm
  • Wave range: 160mm
  • Length: Crop as required
  • Color:  Tile red, chocolate, brown, red, blue,…

Advantages of roof tiles

Plastic tile is popularly and widely used because of its high applicability in life. Here are some advantages of pvc roof tiles:

Corrosion and impact resistance 

It can be said that the plastic sheet has extremely high hardness and is effectively resistant to acid, alkali and other corrosive substances. In the process of transporting up high, strong impact also does not affect the plastic tile much. You may not know, the plastic tile roof can withstand every 1kg object falling from a height of 3m without causing cracks or any other problems.


Is the plastic tile good with the material made from plastic, and the flat pvc sheet has a very smooth surface so it doesn’t catch dust. In rainy weather, no matter how heavy or light, the seeds can easily wash away dirt. The life span of plastic roof tiles can exceed 20 years. The outside is covered with a layer of ultraviolet rays to prevent color fading and keep the color fastness 

Safety and aesthetics 

During the construction of plastic tile roofs, hot and humid weather will not cause discomfort or danger to the contractor because corrugated iron is made from high quality plastic. High amount is not produced when toxic when exposed to high temperature environment.

In addition, to better serve the needs of each customer, GREEN BM always offers many choices of different colors and sizes. In order to resist good heat absorption, cold colors are often preferred by customers.

Insulation and heat resistance 

High quality plastic is selected for the production of rectangular roof tiles. Has the ability to resist heat absorption, effective sound insulation. Large or plastic projects when using pvc tile roofs create a cool space in the summer days and warm in the winter. In addition, customers can be completely assured of issues related to heat and electricity transmission.

ngói nhựa lợp nhà

Cheap PVC roofing sheets at Green BM

Pvc tile price in general and plastic tile pvc 4 classes in particular provided by GREEN BM are extremely reasonable to suit each customer’s needs. In addition, for cheap plastic roof tiles, customers can also be completely assured of the quality because at GREEN BM, we will use a separate paint for this product.

GREEN BM works with the mission of providing business partners and customers with the best experience in quality branded building material products. High quality, reasonable price, applying advanced technology and being friendly with the natural environment. Coming to GREEN BM, customers can completely trust and choose the most satisfactory product.


With the information summarized above, it partly answers the question of whether plastic tiles are good? Hope useful to you . For advice, quotation and product selection suitable for the project, do not forget to contact us through the address below:

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