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Is plastic corrugated iron good? Advantages and disadvantages of plastic roofing sheets

“Newly settled in a new job” The saying shows that home is the first and most important thing for every human being. Nowadays, too, the quality of construction works is increasingly demanding. Since then, plastic corrugated iron products were born to meet the demand. To learn more about plastic corrugated iron is good? Let’s follow the article below!

Understanding corrugated iron

What is corrugated iron sheet? This is a type of plastic corrugated iron capable of capturing light and saving energy for extremely outstanding and efficient installation space.

Today, there are two types of light-emitting plastic panels that architects put into use in large and small projects, including: polycarbonate and light-weighted plastic sheets. Composite made from Fiberglass Composite.

Advantages of corrugated iron sheet

Advantages of polycarbonate corrugated iron 

For polycarbonate corrugated iron is divided into many different forms. Depending on the nature of each form, it brings different advantages to the projects. Here are the specifics:


Currently, in modern buildings, corrugated plastic sheeting is used more and more popularly. The product is designed in a wave shape similar to other corrugated iron products on the market. For this reason, during the installation process because of a shortage, you can also replace it with a normal corrugated iron form without causing loss of aesthetics.

tấm tôn nhựa lấy sáng


Lightweight poly solid corrugated iron products are designed in a flat form commonly used in constructions such as skylights, roofs,…Tel capable of catching light. extremely effective, while bringing high aesthetics.

Empty form 

The product is a flat sheet of corrugated iron with a hollow structure inside and consists of many thin sheets of polycarbonate stacked on top of each other. The outstanding advantage of this form is that it is extremely light in weight, easy to transport for simple and high construction works.

General advantages of corrugated iron

  • Have good heat and sound insulation.
  • The ability to catch light can be up to 80 to 90%.
  • The strength is 250 times that of tempered glass, 20 times for mica and 6 times that of tempered glass.
  • Weight ½ times lighter than glass. In the process of construction with works that are too high, it will not cause difficulties in transportation.
  • Because of its insulation ability, plastic corrugated iron is fire resistant. In addition, UV-resistant corrugated iron protects everyone’s health.

Advantages of Composite light corrugated iron

For Composite corrugated iron made from PolyEste plastic material combined with Fiberglass Composite. This process forms an extremely strong bond that increases durability and is extremely resistant. And for this type of plastic corrugated iron is also divided into two different forms:


Similar to corrugated poly plastic sheets, Composite waveforms can also be combined with other types but still ensure durability and aesthetics for the building .


Usually, customers will encounter flat plastic composite panels in buildings such as roofs, eaves, skylights, swimming pools,…

General advantages of composite panels

  • Capable of capturing light up to 85%.
  • Easy to shape and bend because the product is made of flexible materials.
  • Designed with many different sizes and thicknesses to well serve the needs of many different customers.
  • Has excellent bearing capacity, soundproofing, and heat insulation. Corrosion and oxidation resistant.

Through the information shared above, customers may already have an answer for themselves which type of light-weight plastic corrugated iron is good and durable?

Color: Glass color, green, navy blue, milky white, blue and bronze tea.


  • 5, 6, 7, 9 square wave.
  • 5 Fibro waves.

The only downside is the ability to get light is only about 80-90% compared to glass and the clarity cannot be equal to glass.

tôn nhựa lấy sáng có bền không

Plastic corrugated iron sheet price

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