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How to choose roofing color according to feng shui

How to choose the color of corrugated iron according to feng shui has attracted a lot of attention recently. “Buying a buffalo, getting married, building a house” are three big things in every person’s life. Building a house that is both solid and beautiful is the dream of many people. Therefore, choosing building materials becomes more important than ever. Below, we will introduce to you the ways to choose the color of feng shui roofing for homeowners. Let’s follow together.

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Why should you choose feng shui roofing color?

In the process of choosing building materials, the owner of the building must certainly consider choosing the best product with the most affordable price. Besides, the materials also need to match the feng shui of the homeowner. When choosing a corrugated iron roof suitable for feng shui. The following benefits will be brought to homeowners:

  • Increases prosperity in the house.
  • Helps to increase the aesthetics of the house.
  • Welcome abundant vitality for all things in the house.
  • Helping homeowners have a lot of luck, peace and health.

On the contrary, if the color selection of the corrugated iron roof is not correct. Water room will lose the fortune of the house. Reduces luck, happiness in everything, and will also lose the aesthetic beauty of the house. Therefore, the stage of choosing the color of the corrugated iron roof is extremely important when starting construction. Any project.

The most popular types of corrugated iron roof colors

Currently on the market there are many types of corrugated plastic tile variety of models, designs and colors for homeowners to freely choose. Normally, there are 6 colors of corrugated iron produced including: Dark red, moss green, blue, turquoise, gray, milky white.

The colors of the corrugated iron need to be chosen very carefully. To match the feng shui of the owner. Below is a guide to choosing the color of the corrugated iron roof. That Green Material Import Export Investment Joint Stock Company wants to share with you.

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How to choose feng shui roofing color

In the theory of the five elements, colors and elements are arranged together in the following order: white belongs to the element Metal, blue belongs to the element Wood, blue and gray belongs to Water, red belongs to the element Fire, and yellow belongs to the element. Turkish practice.

According to the law of the five elements, Earth gives birth to Kim, Kim gives birth to Water, Aquarius gives birth to Wood, Wood gives birth to Fire, and Fire gives birth to Earth. Therefore, the colors suitable for each par will be based on the age of the owner (usually a male owner). Specific colors correspond to the following par;

  • Parents of par Kim: homeowners of par Kim should use light colored corrugated iron roofs and metallic colors. Besides, it can be combined with brown and yellow tones in the decoration to increase harmony. Master Kim is very afraid of colors such as pink, red, purple. Therefore, gray and gray corrugated iron will be most suitable for this family.
  • Homeowners of the Moc par: for these people, they should use blue roofing sheets. Avoid colors like white and metallics.
  • Also, roofing tiles in diamond blue, moss green or turquoise color. It will create a feeling of coolness, peace and closeness to nature.

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  • The owner of the Fire par: the owner of the Fire par should choose a red corrugated iron roof. Avoid using black or blue roofing sheets. In addition, diamond red roof corrugated iron is also an ideal choice. Dedicated to the owner of this destiny.
  • Homeowners of Destiny: People of Destiny should choose black, blue or blue color. And the decoration in white color will be most suitable. You also need to avoid using yellow or brown colors to match feng shui, so you should be a water person.
  • Homeowners par Tho: homeowners should use red or yellow earth tones, brown, yellow-gray. Because these are the colors representing the Fire element. At the same time, you can use milky white roofing corrugated iron to use for your house.


Above are the most detailed instructions on how to choose the color of the roofing sheet to match the best feng shui for the homeowner. Surely, with the information above, you can choose for yourself the most suitable color. Use quality, reputable, affordable products. Especially suitable for your home feng shui.

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