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How to choose corrugated iron factory roof or maybe you do not know?

How to choose corrugated iron for factory roof to best suit your project, do you know? On the market there are many types of corrugated iron with different prices, quality, brands, …. Every project owner wants to choose for themselves the best materials at an affordable price.

However, with thousands of product types on the market, construction owners are very confused about which product to choose. Follow the article below to let us share the best ways to choose respect.

How to choose the best type of roofing sheet today

The roof is the most important part of a house, if the roof is strong, the house will be strong. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good roofing material for the owner of the building. On the market there are many types of corrugated iron for you to choose, let’s find out how to choose the best.

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Choose a good quality roofing sheet

Usually, people often use galvanized steel for factory buildings. Because it has extremely low cost, high durability, anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability is extremely good. Galvanized steel has better characteristics than zinc, so although it is more expensive, it is much more widely used.

In addition to galvanized steel, cold steel is also one of the most commonly used corrugated iron for factories in recent years. Cold corrugated iron also has high durability, heat resistance, heat resistance, UV resistance, extremely impressive bearing capacity.

Cold corrugated iron has a greater thickness than galvanized steel and is aesthetically pleasing, so it is preferred over galvanized steel. In addition, the product has a very affordable price, so it is widely used.

How to choose factory roof corrugated iron by thickness

Each type of corrugated iron has different thickness to suit each project. In addition, the thickness of corrugated iron must also be selected according to the climatic situation of each region.

Locations that are often adversely affected by the weather should choose a sheet with a larger thickness to increase resistance. On the contrary, in places where storms and storms rarely occur, it is advisable to choose thin corrugated iron to reduce costs. Choosing corrugated iron based on suitability would be best.

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Choose corrugated iron in the form of corrugated iron

Many projects have special designs, so the number of waves on each corrugated board also needs to be selected very carefully. Currently, the corrugated iron sheets have popular wave types such as: 5,6,7,9,11 square and round waves.

Type 5, 6 wavelength corrugated iron is most often used for roofing and partitions for buildings with large roof areas. And banners 9, 11 wavelengths are often used for roofs or small partitions.

Choose corrugated iron for factory roofs by feature

Construction owners need to choose corrugated iron according to their intended use. For example, choose PU corrugated iron if you want noise resistance, heat resistance, and extreme weather conditions. Or if you just need corrugated iron to withstand stable weather, you can use 1-layer galvanized steel.

How to choose factory roof corrugated iron by color

The most popular colors of corrugated iron include: blue, red, yellow, white, … The owner can choose the color of the corrugated iron according to feng shui so that the house always welcomes prosperity. In addition, you can also choose the most suitable roofing color according to the design of the project.

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Choose factory roof corrugated iron by brand

On the market today, there are many brands producing and trading corrugated factory roof. You should choose for yourself the most reputable and quality companies.

Take a look at the forerunners to see which brands are the most trusted. Only select units with clear addresses and transparent contact information. In addition, only choose brands with full labels and origin.

If possible, go to the place to inspect the item and then sign the contract.

Choose corrugated iron for factory roofs by cost

Everything is based on conformity. If the cost is too high and you cannot meet it, then immediately choose another product. Also, do not choose products that are too cheap that affect the quality. Please follow the advice of the supplier to choose the most accurate.


Above is the entire way to choose the roof of the factory that we want to share with you. Hopefully, you have given yourself the most general knowledge to be able to choose for yourself the most suitable products.

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