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High quality factory roofing construction service

People’s lives are developing more and more, so high-class services are born from there. In particular, construction companies have provided very quality and prestigious services. One of them is the service corrugated iron factory roof. All stages from material selection to transportation and installation will be included in the package. Therefore, it creates great convenience for the owner of the building. Let’s find out about this service with us in the article below.

Tilting the roof of the factory

Before going into details about roofing services, let’s learn about roofing materials before choosing roofing materials which kind of roof shed should you choose. The type of material that we will learn right below is the roofing sheet of the factory. So what is this type of corrugated iron, what types of corrugated iron are on the market,… The answer will be revealed in the next section.

What is the roof of the factory?

Roofing corrugated iron is a material made from metal compounds, plastic and additives. They are used for constructions to shield and protect the works. Before the bad effects of weather such as: rain, storm, wind, thunderstorm, …

Corrugated iron roof is a material made from diverse materials combined with different features. So their factory roofing prices are not the same. Because of that, each product has its own advantages and disadvantages.

With a variety of colors and designs, the project owner can freely choose the products that best suit the design of the project. In addition, the extremely long life and durability will limit the costs of repairing the roof of the factory, maintaining or creating a new one. The size of the roof sheet of the factory is also different, helping the construction owner to choose the most suitable product.

It can be said that corrugated iron products are increasingly popular due to their outstanding advantages as well as great applications. This material is gradually replacing the previous traditional materials.

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The structure of the roof sheet of the factory

Currently, the works construction of corrugated iron roof factory normally will use steel to make steel frame factory with corrugated iron roof. The structure of the corrugated iron roof is quite simple, compact, lightweight and convenient for technicians during transportation and installation. Making corrugated iron factory roof will normally have 3 main parts:

  • Frame system: The part that bears the largest load and has the effect of supporting all the upper corrugated iron. These include box iron and iron pipe. The materials in the frame system need to be sturdy so that the roof is most stable against external influences.
  • Rotten and corrugated iron roof system: This is an indispensable part for every corrugated iron roof. However, depending on the area of ​​corrugated iron roofing and the intended use, the materials for this part will also need to meet the most appropriate requirements.
  • Screw system: This is the part to connect the two parts together. The architects have encouraged people to prioritize the use of screws made of chromium-plated stainless steel, to ensure bearing capacity and rust resistance. In addition, the rubber gaskets must be properly placed to limit rainwater infiltration. At the same time, special glues must be used to keep the roof from seeping and leaking.

Uses of factory roof corrugated iron

The uses of roofing factories with corrugated iron are very diverse. Different types of corrugated iron will have different uses. However, some of their outstanding uses are to keep the temperature inside the corrugated iron factory stable and lower than outside in the summer and higher in the winter. In addition, they can also resist UV rays, or can also get light, explosion-proof, noise-proof, …

Common types of roofing sheets for factories

Surely you will wonder which type of corrugated iron is suitable for your project, as well as all kinds of factory roof corrugated iron. Below, we will point out the most popular types of corrugated iron today so that you can freely choose.

Tear 5 waves

When it comes to factory roofing, people often think of 5-wave corrugated iron. Because they can be used for roofs and walls for factories. This type of corrugated iron has a fairly large wavelength, so it is very effective against water spills. Between the two main wavelengths, there will be an extra wavelength, so the solidity of the product is extremely good.

The most important point is that the price of this product is much cheaper than other types of corrugated iron. Therefore, they are very commonly used for large-scale projects and need to save costs.

tôn 5 sóng lợp nhà xưởng

Seven waves square/round corrugated iron

To roofing the factory, you can also use this type of corrugated iron. The wavelength is quite low, but there are extra waves, so it has good strength and durability. The characteristics of this type of corrugated iron are similar to that of 5-wave corrugated iron.

The design with 7 waves and creating additional waves makes installation and moving much easier. It also creates a self-cleaning feature for the product.

9 wave square/circle corrugated iron

This product is suitable for making industrial partitions due to its low wavelength. They can also create high aesthetics for any project. In addition, the ability to anti-heat factory corrugated iron roof, anti-noise, anti-UV, … also very good.

Respect Cliplock

When choosing materials for roofing, construction owners often choose this product. Because they do not need to use screws, helping the owner to save a lot of money. In addition, the high wavelength is very suitable for factory buildings.

Light up

This type of corrugated iron is used a lot for factories. Especially food processing factories. With this product, the owner of the building will cut a large amount of electricity each year. At the same time, other advantages remain the same.

Factory roofing construction process

In order to have a complete and technically correct corrugated iron roof, you need to understand the steps very carefully. If the process is not correct, you may have to redo it, thereby increasing the cost of the project. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

  1. Prepare necessary tools and materials to serve the construction of the roof of the factory.
  2. Construction and installation. Please move the materials gently, avoid damage or scratches during transportation. Which affects the quality as well as the aesthetics of the project. Place the corrugated iron gently and then screw in the correct position. Concatenate corrugated iron roof trough water and paneling with tight screws. Care should be taken during construction.
  3. Check and clean up the finished location.

Notes when making corrugated iron factory roof

During the construction process, you will most likely encounter mistakes and negatively affect the quality of the work. So, in order for your project to be perfect, we will note to you some important things below. Remember to avoid unnecessary risks.

Choose the most suitable types of corrugated iron for the project

To select corrugated iron roof what material is also very important, you must calculate what the requirements of the project are. If the building wants to get light, it is recommended to choose light-weight corrugated iron, choosing bright corrugated iron will help the building receive the most effective light. If the project wants to resist heat, choose 3-layer PU corrugated iron, if the project is in stable weather, just choose 1-layer corrugated iron for less expensive.

Avoid using corrugated iron that is too expensive for use, it will be very wasteful. However, do not be greedy and buy products that are not suitable for the project. Their lifespan is not high, which will cost you more when replacing.

The purpose of use will help you know exactly what kind of corrugated iron you need. Don’t let your project use the wrong product.

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Choose corrugated iron color suitable for the project

Color selection for corrugated iron roof factory is also very important. It will affect the design of the whole project. So what is the best way to choose the right color? Please refer to the following.

Consider what kind of paint your project is using, then choose the color of corrugated iron accordingly. In addition, you can also choose to respect the feng shui of the owner. This will make the project always bring prosperity.

Besides, you can also choose colors such as blue, milky white, gray gray. Because these colors will help your project minimize the amount of heat absorbed. From there, the building will be heat resistant in the most effective way.

Choose a quality and reputable supplier

The consumption of this product every year is huge. Seizing this opportunity, many people have made their business. However, not all units provide quality products. Therefore, you need to choose for yourself the most reputable and quality suppliers.

You can consult those who have experience. In addition, you can also find out online and then go to the place to review. Once a supplier has been selected, proceed to sign the contract.

Note that you should not choose cheap suppliers but poor quality products. Your building will quickly degrade and fail.

Choose a sheet with a price that suits your budget

The most important thing is your pocket. Do not buy materials that are too expensive, not using all the features are very wasteful. At the same time, do not choose products that are too cheap, which will make your project face many problems.

How to calculate the cost of roofing materials

Saving construction costs is always an important issue for building owners. The optimization of all costs while the quality is still guaranteed must be calculated extremely carefully by the project owner. Need to avoid buying excess raw materials, very wasteful.

To calculate the exact materials to use, first of all, you need to calculate the area of ​​​​the corrugated iron roof, determine the standard factory corrugated iron roof slope.

After determining the area of ​​the corrugated iron roof, calculate the amount of corrugated iron depending on the size of each type of corrugated iron. The smallest materials such as screws, specialized adhesives, trusses, … need to be purchased in full. Only in this way can we guarantee the safety of the project.

Note when renovating or creating a new roof

If you want replacing the old roof with the whole new roof, you need to check the truss system, purlins to see if it can be used anymore. If they are still usable, you should use them to avoid waste.

If the trusses are old and unusable, then throw them away and don’t regret it.

When you want to renovate the building for many years, causing leaks and seepage. Check carefully by directing water to the roof to see where the problem is. Then, add specialized glue to each position to anti-leakage of factory roof.

Green BM factory roofing construction service

Currently on the market there are many units that provide roofing products and services. If you are wondering which service company to choose. Then Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) is a great choice. This is a unit specializing in providing corrugated iron roof installation services with outstanding products such as: plastic corrugated iron, galvanized steel sheet, heat-resistant corrugated iron roof, industrial roofing sheet

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The products of Green Plastic Tile (GREEN BM) are highly appreciated by customers. They are always guaranteed to be genuine, very good quality and extremely affordable. The team of technicians are also well-trained, have many years of experience in the profession and have high expertise and techniques.

The company has been combined with many customers who are individuals, large and small businesses across the country. Therefore, you can be assured of the quality of Green BM’s products and services.

Above is the most detailed information about the roofing service of the factory that we want to provide to you. Hopefully, you have the information useful for me during the construction process. Please contact Green BM for the most detailed factory roofing price quote.

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