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Heat-insulating plastic sheet at GREEN BM

Heat resistant plastic corrugated iron is one of the most popular corrugated iron lines trusted by many people. On hot and humid days, heat-resistant plastic corrugated iron will be a great solution to help regulate and limit heat absorption for the roofs of buildings. Helps to make the space in the building more comfortable and comfortable. So what are the characteristics, effects and cost of this product? Join us to learn and discover through the article below.

Insulation plastic sheet

Effect of insulating plastic sheet

Insulating plastic sheet is a very popular material in construction works. It can be houses, apartments, companies, factories, factories or livestock farms,…

Insulating plastic panels bring a lot of great benefits to users. It has the effect of minimizing or even preventing the direct temperature impact from the environment into the interior of the buildings. Therefore, the living space inside will maintain the required temperature. Cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

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Using plastic insulation will also help us save some costs. The cost of using electricity for cooling or heating. In addition, PVC insulation also helps limit surrounding noises such as rain, car horns or machinery. This will not affect or distract the people involved.

Application of insulation plastic sheet

With outstanding advantages of effective heat and sound insulation. Insulating plastic sheets or insulating light corrugated iron sheets are often used flexibly and popularly. People can use it to make roof insulation for houses, warehouses, companies, factories, and factories. In addition, it is also used to roof heat-resistant corrugated iron for balconies or porches, corridors or partitions for soundproofing factories.

Heat resistant plastic roofing sheet
Uses of heat-resistant plastic roofing sheets

The outside heat-resistant plastic roofing sheet has the effect of resisting the temperature. There is also the benefit of meeting the needs of light for buildings. This product is usually made of polycarbonate material. It has the ability to receive and transmit light extremely well. With transparent colored plastic roofing sheets, the light transmittance can be up to 87%, and with colored roofing sheets, it can be up to 48%. Depending on the needs of use, we will choose the right type of heat-resistant plastic roofing sheets.

In addition, the heat-resistant plastic roofing sheet is also able to withstand very good temperatures, in the range of -20 – 120 degrees Celsius. So on hot summer days, the temperature inside the building will be significantly reduced. These roofing sheets will be able to block up to 80% of the direct sunlight from the sun to the roof surface. So it will reduce a part of the heat and discomfort.


Currently, heat-resistant plastic corrugated iron can be divided into two popular types on the market. It is a kind of hollow plastic corrugated iron and solid plastic corrugated iron. The difference between these two product lines is in the size of the plastic corrugated board, the thickness and the structure of the gut.

With hollow heat-resistant plastic roofing sheets, they will be manufactured according to the size of each certain size. The size of the corrugated iron sheet will be 2.1×5.8m, and the thickness of the roofing sheet will be 4.5, 6 and 10mm. Let customers choose. As for the solid heat-resistant plastic roofing sheet, the thickness of the sheet will range from 1.2-10mm, which can be sold in rolls or meters at will.

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Price of insulation plastic sheet

Insulated plastic roofing sheets have a very different price. The cost of the product depends on the material, weight and thickness of the roofing sheet. In addition, with each different brand will have different prices. Normally, plastic roofing insulation will cost from about 50,000 – 580,000 per square meter. The greater the thickness of the roofing sheet, the higher the cost will be.


Above is all information about heat-insulating plastic sheet. Hopefully with our sharing above, you can have more understanding about this material. From there choose the most suitable products for you. With its conditions, economic ability and works.

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