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Green BM cooperates with T4P on human resources

In order to build a sustainable foundation, towards the goal of becoming a leading distributor of GREEN building materials in Vietnam, GREEN MATERIAL COMPANY is always interested invest in leadership, staff and constantly train and train to improve business capacity and serve customers. On 18/18/2018, at Kim Do Hotel, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, the Representative of the Board of Directors of Green BM conducted the Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Contract for Orders Recruitment, Training and Supply of Human Resources with T4P – Talent 4 Plus. The signing ceremony took place solemnly, intimately and successfully.Green BM hợp tác với T4P về nguồn nhân lực

Launch T4P – Training and Human Resource Supply Program Sales and Digital Marketing According to Business Needs&lt


Currently, in the 4.0 technology era, the demand for human resources in the field of Sales and Digital Marketing in Vietnam does not meet the demand. Young people still lack many skills and real combat experience, while the job requirements in the new era require them to master more skills and experience than ever before. Talent Four Plus (T4P) project is an ecosystem of recruiting, training and providing MBA talent in the field of combat for the first time in Vietnam to help students achieve their career goals along the way. shortest.
Green BM hợp tác với T4P về nguồn nhân lực

MSc Le Van Doctor – Vice President of IBM Institute is sharing about T4P  ecosystem
Talent Four Plus (T4P) is a high-quality human resource training program according to business needs of the International Institute of Business Management (IBM) under the Scientific Association. Economics and Management (HASEM) with Scientific Partner with NESTA Training Program from the UK – Strategic Partner of HASEM Business Club on the online platform with a multi-member enterprise system The industry is ready to accept you as an intern and full-time employee.
Pham Quang Vinh – Director of IBM Institute shared: “The T4P program is a real combat training program, based on methods and knowledge. practice, practice throughout the learning process With the motto “Learning to Do, Not Learning to Work”, T4P believes that students will have all the necessary expertise and skills in the field of Sales and Marketing. Digital Marketing without taking too much time today.”

With only 6 months of T4P program, students will be equipped with 09 successful soft skills – necessary complements for comprehensive development, building copy field; and all the specialized knowledge in a practical way into real projects. The program is flexibly designed 1:1 – The internship period is equivalent to the official study time; Gain work experience while studying. Training standards are close to the requirements of today’s businesses.

Besides, to support the students without conditions T4P has had many special promotions. One of them is the program of paying tuition fees in installments with 0% interest, co-ordinated by IBM Institute with Military Bank (MB).

Green BM hợp tác với T4P về nguồn nhân lực

Synthesis of strategic partners in the T4P ecosystem

In addition, in order to help young people make the right decisions in choosing the right profession, an entity in the T4P ecosystem, a consulting service The way, career orientation by “fingerprint biometrics” will help young people better understand themselves, know their strengths and outstanding intelligence types as well as know the right career environment. From there, I have a better career orientation.

Along with an entity that is SMEs and Startups in the T4P ecosystem, the Talent Four Plus (T4P) Training Program ensures students get a job suitable for the field of Sales – Digital Marketing that I pursue. Up to the time before the launch day, there were 59 Sales positions and 10 Digital Marketing positions ordered by 14 enterprises in T4P. This means that when students register, they are guaranteed to have a job after completing their studies.