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Effective soundproofing solutions for corrugated iron roofs

The quality of life is getting better and better, and the needs of people are increasing day by day. Housing is one of the first issues that are taken care of. In which, the solution noiseproof corrugated iron roof was proposed by many people, because of the influence on hot days, Heavy rains and storms have a great impact on life. Right in the article below, let’s find out with GREEN BM the issues surrounding effective soundproofing of corrugated iron roofs!

Cause of roof noise

The noise from the corrugated iron roof is emitted from many different causes. Here are some of the most common reasons:

When it rains 

  • When it rains, the strong impact of the raindrops on the metal will cause a loud noise to affect, causing an umbrella noise pollution for users. But the rain is only a part, the other part is because the owner does not use the poor quality corrugated iron, which makes the noise multiplied many times.
  • To prevent noise for corrugated iron roofs when it rains, you can refer to some of the ways presented in the next article in the article below.

When it’s sunny 

  • Corrugated iron is usually manufactured in the form of waves, made from metal or some other material capable of absorbing heat inferred to the level. The heat absorption of the corrugated iron roof is extremely high.
  • When the heat absorbed by the corrugated iron reaches a certain level, the corrugated iron will expand and the corrugated iron sheets will be pressed and overlapped. . From the pressure of corrugated iron, it affects the amount of waves that make the corrugated iron make noise. This is considered the phenomenon of the corrugated iron sheet’s joints bursting.
  • If consumers do not have certain knowledge about this phenomenon, they will have a feeling of anxiety when the metal is ringing in the sky. It’s sunny and there’s no impact. This phenomenon will not affect daily life much.

How to prevent noise for corrugated iron roof

Soundproof method for corrugated iron roof? Today, to limit the noise from the corrugated iron roof, there are many ways to be applied. Here are the most popular and effective ways that are widely used:

Make plastic ceiling, plaster ceiling 

With plastic ceilings, plaster ceilings, the noise when it’s sunny or rainy will no longer affect the homeowner’s life. Builders can design, mold and decorate according to the wishes and preferences of the homeowner. With that, overcome the heat of the hot summer day and the noise when it rains of the corrugated iron roof.

The cost of making plastic and plaster ceilings is cheap, suitable for everyone. So these are popular choices for soundproofing for corrugated iron roofs.

giải pháp chống ồn cho mái tôn

Using foam corrugated iron 

Usually, foam-insulated corrugated iron is called heat-resistant corrugated iron because its characteristic structure consists of a layer of corrugated iron on the top surface, a layer of Pu and an aluminum film on the lower surface. When using this type of corrugated iron, it will reduce noise for the roof on rainy days, cool on hot summer days.

Use heat-resistant paint on the roof 

You may not know, color also greatly affects the ability of corrugated iron to absorb heat. To avoid the corrugated iron roof making noise on hot days, customers can apply a layer of anti-heat paint right on the roof to effectively prevent heat absorption.

Soundproof solution for this corrugated iron roof you can implement, but to ensure aesthetics and safety, it is recommended to hire people with expertise in this field.

Growing vines 

Growing vines around the house not only makes the environment greener and friendlier, but also resists heat and absorbs heat extremely effectively. On summer days, if the corrugated iron is too hot, the tree touches the corrugated iron, the wall will cause the tree to wilt and die. Therefore, homeowners should prepare a truss 2 – 3cm away from the wall for the vines to climb around.

cách chống ồn mái tôn

Cooling installation

You can create a cooling water system for corrugated iron roofs to reduce heat absorption and avoid overheating and expansion of corrugated iron. For families in rural areas, this method is more suitable than in urban areas because rivers, ponds and lakes are concentrated in the countryside, making it easy to get water. In urban areas, it is difficult to get water to make a system.

Soundproof roofing sheet for corrugated iron roof

There are many ways to reduce noise for corrugated iron roofs, but first of all, customers need to choose to buy quality, standard corrugated iron roofing sheets. Do not choose goods that are floating on the market, which will affect your quality of life later on, cause noise and discomfort.

Come to GREEN BM green plastic tile, customers will be consulted and choose to buy quality and reputable corrugated iron. Products are manufactured according to advanced processes and standards to bring satisfaction to consumers.

For advice and choosing to buy a standard soundproof corrugated iron roof, contact GREEN BM through: 

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