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Eco-plastic Emerging Green Materials

In the past time, the real estate market has been vibrant, leading to the introduction of a series of building material products. In particular, in the trend of developing green buildings and energy-saving buildings, the birth of eco-plastic products is one of the breakthroughs in Vietnam’s building materials industry.

The market of building materials appears more and more environmentally friendly products, especially the rise of green materials. In addition to helping to save costs for consumers, green materials, when put into use, have created consumers’ trust and actively contributed to protecting the living environment in the context of a changing climate. unpredictable changes.

Nguyen Manh Cuong, General Director of Queenviet, said that every year, our country’s wood processing industry has to import from 3.5 to 4 million cubic meters of round wood, while the amount of scrap in wood processing production depends on In terms of raw materials, product size, equipment capacity usually accounts for 45 – 63% of the volume of raw materials.

That shows, the amount of wood scrap is very large and currently used mainly as fuel. And the question is how to effectively use this amount of wood scrap and at the same time protect the environment? Thus, there is no other way than to replace them with plastic scraps. However, according to the survey results in 2002 by the Institute of Building Materials, the amount of plastic waste in the city’s domestic waste. Hanoi from 7 – 8%. If the average amount of waste in Hanoi is 18,000 tons/day, Hanoi generates about 120 tons of plastic waste every day.

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Eco-synthetic plastic has luxurious lines, lifelike wood grain, durability over 50 years.

Understanding this, Queenviet is a leading unit in Vietnam that has invested in modern production lines in the production of wood grain eco-plastic products to supply the market. The material is made up of a mixture of wood pulp and plastic, creating products such as flooring, wall panels, window frames, doors, etc., which have been widely used around the world.

According to Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong, Europrofile high-grade eco-plastic composite product has luxurious lines, lifelike wood grain, and a durability of over 50 years. Can be applied in construction works such as making houses, villas, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops or investing in motels, resorts… especially small alley houses that are difficult to construct, coastal houses. extreme climates, or cliff dwellings.

The special advantage of eco-plastics is that it does not warp, shrink, termites, cracks, mosses, no maintenance fees, and is comfortable to soak in water. No oxidation, no fear of corrosive chemicals, no fear of sea water immersion. The color of the wood grain is like natural wood with embossed and sunken veins that are difficult to distinguish from real wood. High hardness, light density, durable materials (hard to aging for more than 50 years) smart structure, so it can be constructed and installed on all terrains from sea and islands to high mountain peaks, flooded areas and special areas. especially easy to construct (no need to push piles).

In addition, eco-plastics can almost completely replace construction materials such as bricks, concrete, and wood in civil works and services such as villas, resorts, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and houses. , billboards, fence doors, railings, bancones, flower arrangements, furniture… Installation is simple, convenient and fast; The installation of standard houses only takes about 2 days, while houses with 1 floor, 1 mezzanine or 2 floors only take 10-15 days.

In particular, the cost of eco-plastic investment in construction works is also very low, only 1/2 of reinforced concrete construction, and only 1/3-1/5 of real wood. Maintenance costs are almost zero. High fire resistance because it does not catch fire, safe for users.

Mr. Nguyen Manh Cuong said: “Over the years, QueenViet has always been interested in investing in developing new environmentally friendly and practical materials to have new products in line with the development trend. common development of the world and Vietnam. Accordingly, high-grade wood grain eco-synthetic plastic products are researched and patented based on actual applications and consumer needs.

We can confirm that this product can be said to be Vietnam’s “building super material” in the near future. Using these products, customers can save electricity, contribute to the construction of green buildings that are environmentally friendly, economic in use, and still possess a delicate and luxurious beauty.”

Source: Realtimes