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Do you know what construction is?

What is a construction work surely many people have the answer. However, to understand and have the clearest and most detailed definition, not everyone can grasp it. Construction is a fairly familiar term. This is one of the most popular occupations in the labor market. That is why so many people are interested in this field. Follow the article below to get useful information.

General overview of construction

Before you want to understand “what is construction”, you need to understand what construction is. Construction is a series of design and construction processes to create infrastructure, houses or structures. Construction is the activity of creating a product. Is a large number of facilities for individual customers.

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This activity is the process that starts with planning. Then design, estimate, and construction. Finally, the project acceptance and payment. Construction seems to be separate activities. However, it is a combination of many factors. Only the combination of the above factors can bring about the results as originally planned.

Investors, contractors, project managers. Responsible for supervising and managing the work. In order for the works to be successful, the design and construction steps must match. With the materials must ensure and ensure the standards of environmental safety, labor safety,…

What is a construction site?

When it comes to construction works, surely everyone will immediately imagine the products of construction such as buildings, schools, roads, bridges, hospitals, commercial centers, supermarkets, etc. town, stadium,… Everything that is built is considered a construction work.

According to the most accurate definition, “construction works” are products created by human labor. Combined with building materials, under the support of equipment, are linked underground. They can include parts below ground, above ground, above water, under water. Built according to previously laid out designs

Construction works include all of the following: residential buildings, civil works, industrial works. Public works, traffic works, irrigation works, energy works, other works,…

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How are construction works classified?

After knowing the definition of construction work. Chances are you will not know how the types of works are divided. This is one of the pieces of information that we think you need to find out as well. Therefore, right below will be the types of works classified today. Please continue to follow us.

Construction works are currently divided into 5 main categories, each of which is associated with different areas of social life. Specifically, 5 types of construction works are as follows:

Civil works

This type of construction includes: houses with different types of buildings, such as private houses, collective houses, and apartment buildings. Public works such as: Medical, educational, commercial and service works. Religious and belief works, offices of social organizations, offices of state agencies,…

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Industrial buildings

This type of construction includes constructions such as metallurgical production works, mechanical works, construction material production works. Petroleum works, energy works, chemical works, mining and mineral processing works.

Technical infrastructure works

These are works including: water supply and drainage works, waste treatment works, public lighting works. Some other special works such as crematorium, cemetery, park, parking lot,…

Traffic works

These works include: road works, airways, railways, marine works, bridges, tunnels,…

Agricultural and rural development works

This project includes specific works such as: irrigation works, livestock and farming works, aquaculture works,…


Above is the most specific information about the construction project. Hopefully with this information, you can answer all your questions. Good luck.

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