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Common types of roofing sheets for factories

Silver for the roof of the factory is a type of corrugated iron that is gradually being used to replace the previous traditional tiles. Due to its outstanding features, this type of tile is very popular. With the rapid development of industrial zones and the fact that corrugated iron roofs are both cheap and durable, they are used in most factories. Let’s learn more about these types of corrugated iron in the article below.

The most popular types of roofing sheets for factories today

Surely you are very curious about the most commonly used types of corrugated iron today, right? Follow the types of corrugated iron and their characteristics to choose the most suitable product for your project.

One layer cold corrugated iron

As the name suggests, this product consists of only 1 layer made of high-quality materials. Therefore, the product is 4 times more durable than conventional galvanized steel. The product also has high oxidation resistance, heat resistance, noise resistance and extremely good bearing capacity.

This type of corrugated iron also has many colors, helping homeowners to choose the product that best suits the design of the house.

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Three layers of corrugated iron (PU insulation)

This product has a structure of 3 layers: cold corrugated iron layer + insulation PU layer + PVC film layer. This type of corrugated iron is the most widely used of all types of corrugated iron because of its preeminent features. PU insulation sheet has very good heat resistance, heat resistance, noise resistance, fire resistance, and bearing capacity. In addition, the durability and service life can be up to 30 years. Therefore, homeowners can completely choose for themselves the paint color that best suits the house.

Rolled corrugated iron

This type of corrugated iron is a galvanized product and is widely used. The size of the corrugated iron roof of the corrugated iron factory can be flexible with the needs of customers. With waves from 5-11 waves, the product has very high aesthetics.

The product does not have an insulating layer like 3-layer corrugated iron, so it is often used in places with stable weather conditions.

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Plastic corrugated iron for light

This type of corrugated iron is mainly used to get light for factories. The product itself still has advantages such as: fire resistance, noise resistance, heat resistance, bearing capacity, … but inferior to other types of corrugated iron.

Respect of tile

This is a type of corrugated iron used to replace the traditional exterior with features such as: fire resistance, noise resistance, heat resistance, bearing capacity, high aesthetics, … very high. It can be said that this product fully converges the most outstanding features in a corrugated iron product.

With outstanding advantages and low cost, many colors, this product is gradually being used to replace traditional tile.

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Notes when choosing the best factory roofing sheet

Roofing of factories is something that any project needs to do. After deciding to use corrugated iron for the roof of your factory, you need to select the right product for the project. Here are the guidelines to choose the most suitable corrugated iron roof for customers. Let’s follow together.

  • It is recommended to choose products with a thickness of 0.4 – 0.5mm to ensure the strength of the roof. The roof is a place that is often exposed to the extremely strong effects of the weather. Therefore, you need to choose a type of corrugated iron with a certain thickness to resist the negative effects of the weather.
  • Should choose the right product for your intended use. For example, if you want to resist heat, you should choose 3-layer corrugated iron, or if you want to take advantage of light sources, choose corrugated iron. If you want high aesthetics and outstanding advantages, you should choose fake corrugated iron,… Avoid choosing inappropriate products that are expensive.
  • Use corrugated iron with colors suitable for feng shui and design of the building.
  • Should choose the right product size for the roof area, avoid buying excess which is very wasteful.
  • Choose a product with a price that fits your budget.
  • Should choose the most reputable supplier. To avoid encountering cases of counterfeit goods, poor quality goods.


Above is all information about the most overview factory roof corrugated iron. Hopefully with this information, you can choose for yourself the best products for your factory.

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