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Cheap flat plastic corrugated board

Today, plastic corrugated iron has almost become an essential material for large and small projects. In order to better serve the needs of each different customer, there are many types of plastic corrugated iron. In particular, flat plastic corrugated iron received the trust of many people because of the quality, price and aesthetics of this product. Let’s find out all the relevant information with GREEN BM right now!

What is flat corrugated iron?

Platform corrugated plastic sheet is a roof layer with a flat surface, composed of polycarbonate elements, so it is called a polycarbonate sheet. With a special structure, flat plastic sheet has high durability and can withstand most kinds of harsh weather.

tôn nhựa phẳng lấy sáng

This product has good light absorption equivalent to glass, is resistant to strong impact without cracking or deforming, and is durable extremely high.

At the same time, the product is also resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays affecting organisms in general and humans in particular. Highly appreciated for its ability to insulate heat and sound. Can withstand extreme weather conditions for a long time.

Classify flat light corrugated iron

For clear plastic corrugated iron is divided into two popular types, here are the specifics:

Plastic flat panel

Plastic corrugated iron

Very good heat and sound insulation for households and apartment buildings.

At the same time, the solid type has strong bearing capacity and impact resistance. To cater to the preferences and needs of each family, the flat plastic corrugated iron rack is divided into different prices depending on the color and size.

Only one drawback worth noting, this type of solid plastic sheet when installing large poly roofs will often be more difficult than hollow flat plastic panels because of the sheet size of this type. This is quite small.

Lightweight plastic corrugated iron

Hollow light plastic corrugated board is designed according to the flat top and bottom surface and has slats in the middle to create a breathable texture that provides good insulation best for projects. This is one of the most commonly used products in many construction projects today because it brings a lot of practical benefits.

Advantage: hollow form with light weight, easy to install in high-rise buildings, and extremely good bearing capacity. The hollow type is usually installed for outdoor wells, roofs,…

Flat composite panel

Usually flat corrugated plastic composite panels will be produced in waveform, but in recent times, to better serve the needs of users, plastic sheets are pressed flat. This is a product made up of a combination of glass fibers and some other additives and is manufactured by elastomer technology combined with mold and pressure.

Aesthetically, composite panels are inferior to poly plastic panels. Along with that, the manufacturing process is also more difficult than poly, so the cost of this type is more expensive than poly.

Lightweight flat panel application

  • Make roofs for skylights, balcony roofs, awnings,…
  • Roofing and lighting for agricultural greenhouses, factories or constructions such as gymnasiums,…
  • Rolling gas stations, bus stops, garages,…
  • Make roof connecting buildings
  • Use as signs, billboards,…


tấm tole nhựa lấy sáng

Price flat roofing sheet

The price of flat plastic roofing sheets or the price of flat light plastic sheets depends on factors such as size, classification,…and to serve the needs of customers. Many consumers, flat plastic sheets are produced in a variety of colors. At the same time for a detailed flat plastic roofing sheet quote and specific advice. GREEN BM is always confident and ensures to bring customers the best quality products.


Plastic flat sheet is classified at many different prices, including flat corrugated iron cheap price. The heat of this type of corrugated iron has not shown any signs of cooling down in the market, because of the great benefits they bring to consumers. Don’t forget to contact GREEN BM if you have any questions about this product.


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