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5-wave plastic corrugated iron for high-rise buildings is a good solution today

5-wave plastic corrugated iron for high-rise buildings is one of the construction materials used a lot in recent times because of their outstanding advantages. Currently, the use of traditional tiles has gradually been switched to plastic corrugated iron. In particular, for high-rise buildings, plastic corrugated iron has become the first priority material to be used. In the article below, we will share with you the most detailed information about 5-wave plastic corrugated iron for high-rise buildings. Let’s follow together.

What is 5-wave plastic sheeting?

This is a type of corrugated iron with square or round waveforms produced with the most modern technology in the world. They are applied in many projects from civil to industrial works. Products with high aesthetics with many colors should be very popular in the market today.

Structure of 5-wave plastic corrugated iron

ASA 5-corrugated sheet is made from pure PVC combined with other additives. Because they are made of virgin plastic, they have very good toughness. This product can consist of 4 layers or 2 layers depending on the customer’s wishes.

tôn nhựa 5 sóng

The top surface of these products will be an ASA layer so they have outstanding features such as: good bearing capacity, UV resistance, heat resistance, noise resistance, oxidation resistance,… In addition, with a smooth surface structure, this product helps keep the building clean and minimizes maintenance and repair costs.

The structure of 5 waves, separated by a large distance, helps the product to prevent strong rainwater very well. At the same time, 5-wave corrugated iron is also the product with the highest aesthetic value compared to other products.

Specification of 5 square wave PVC corrugated iron

  • Thickness: 2.0mm or 2.5mm or 3.0mm;
  • Width: 1080mm;
  • Available size: 1000mm;
  • Wave height: 32mm;
  • Wavelength: 250mm;
  • Distance to purlin: 900mm;
  • Length: 2m or 3m or 4m or produced according to customer’s request;
  • Color: Red, blue, gray, brown,…

Why should you use 5-wave plastic corrugated iron for high-rise buildings

The 5-wave corrugated iron basically still has the same outstanding advantages as the 7,9,11 wave products. However, this product has outstanding features that make it different from other types of corrugated iron. Let’s find out the reasons to use 5-wave corrugated iron for high-rise buildings.

The durability of corrugated iron is very good

ASA 5-corrugated plastic sheet has the top layer covered with an anti-fading, UV-resistant layer, so it is very beneficial for users. In addition, the paint layer of the product is of international standard. Therefore, they can defy all weather conditions and always keep their color like new.

Excellent heat resistance and heat resistance

Because it is made up of ASA and PVC layers, and has many layers, the product can resist heat up to 98%. The amount of heat from the outside is barely absorbed to the inside. Therefore, the indoor temperature is always much more comfortable than outside.

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Effective noise cancellation

5-wave corrugated iron products are designed with many layers, so they can resist noise up to 60dB. This is extremely useful on rainy days. You will not feel uncomfortable because the sound of rain falling is too loud.

Ideal waterproofing ability

If installed correctly, this product will definitely prevent rainwater from seeping and leaking into the house 100%. 5-corrugated plastic sheet is made from ASA plastic with many layers and is made up of a closed process, so it is very effective against water.

Optimal explosion resistance

Because it is made from ASA plastic, the product is absolutely safe in fire and explosion problems. Therefore, the product is licensed to be built even in locations where there is an entangled electrical system.

Good self-cleaning ability

The smooth surface of the product will help the product to clean itself and limit maintenance and repair costs for homeowners.


The product is up to 240 times lighter than tempered glass. Very convenient for transportation, construction and installation.

Some actual pictures of 5-wave plastic corrugated iron for high-rise buildings

tôn nhựa 5 sóng mới


Above is the most detailed information about 5-corrugated plastic corrugated iron products for high-rise buildings. Hopefully with this information, you will have the best choice of building materials for yourself.

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